Zaigo Infotech offers you comprehensive QA services including your very own dedicated team of talented engineers, who are familiar with your product, process and people. Zaigo offers a wide range of testing services for your company regardless of what stage of the software development life cycle you are at. Whether you need usability testing for your device features or performance testing for web application or part of it, our team will provide you with high-quality solutions quickly and under your budget limitations.

Process Transperancy

We strive to provide you with complete transparency for everything we do in the scope of your project. Seamlessly integrating with your business and development processes, we assure your full access to the testing progress of your software.

Confirmed KPIs

We understand that it is highly important to you to understand how we’re progressing with our testing tasks and whether our progress aligns with your goals. We always outline your most important QA KPIs and keep you informed about their status.

How our Customers Benefit from Our Expertise

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Process Transparency

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