5 easy Tips On How To Increase Website Traffic

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    5 Useful Tips to Increase Website Traffic

    Businesses innovate many ways to increase website traffic and there is generally a lot of misconception about what brings in results. Using the latest proven techniques will definitely increase visitors to your website without much effort at some point. It is all about the beginnings. When you are jumbled between writing a blog post, and social media posts, and strategizing for a new email campaign, it is even hard to look back and see what’s driving traffic to your site and what isn’t.

    We have nailed down the top 5 useful ways to increase website traffic.

    Top 5 Useful Tips to Increase Website Traffic

    Let’s break it down one by one:-

    Put a Strategic but Attractive Content

    It is not about creating content but about creating memorable, interesting, and distinctive content that cuts through all the noise in the online world. It doesn’t all just have to be about humor, entertainment, and memes but it should also be quite useful or insightful that will make them come for more.

    When it comes to Google, your content should be accurate, reliable, specific, consistent, and thorough. This is why 434% of the websites that have featured blogs rank higher.

    Some key tips to remember:-

    • Strategize your content to your audience’s personas
    • Optimize long-form content
    • Build a community and engagement-driven platforms
    • Keep paragraph short with 2-3 sentences
    • Use a clear and readable font
    • Make it interesting with images and videos
    • Fill your content with bullets, lists, and headings

    One of the other ways to increase website traffic is to give out industrial-focused content (which can be gated or free) to make them bookmark your website and come back for more. Great content usually maximizes your returns and will help you find new leads.

    Staying in Trend through Social Media Channels

    We have literally seen the news about brands that nailed the social media campaign or that controversial advertisement or massive brand collaboration that awed you, right?

    Social media is a huge place to attract like-minded people and a diverse range of people for a message you stand for. Brands have the privileges of directly interacting with their potential customers, building a community, and replying and reposting content that is beneficial in the long term.

    Social media is a massive traffic generator for your site, and most of which could be referral traffic. But, once it is popular, it will significantly increase traffic on the website. Learning the nuances and themes for each social media channel will increase visitors if done with a clear CTA. All you have to do is to amplify the brand’s message and promote a sale on your website.

    Some tips to follow are,

    • Use trending hashtags
    • Follow a strategic content calendar
    • Target amplifiers
    • Run a paid campaign
    • Interviewing thought leaders
    • Dynamic tweets
    • Post at the right time
    • Hashtag outreach
    • Influencer marketing

    Paid advertising and target amplifiers are the best ways to market your product. They deliver the right messages, reach your target audience, and increase traffic on websites.

    Use Advertising to Make a Sale and Increase Website Traffic

    This one isn’t free like the others. Running a campaign is a huge budget deal but one of the super effective ways to increase website traffic. Choosing the right strategy will pay for itself as it can instantly steal clicks from top searches, social media attention, and other channels.

    One can always start with a “trial-mode” paid campaign and then gradually gear it up to a full advertising budget. On the flip side, if you have SEO locked and perfect, paid advertisement will increase website traffic.

    It is also important to set advertising budget goals, before investing tons of money in it. When doing PPC, it is important to do an A/B campaign with different ad groups, channels, and keywords before spending it on your best advertising method.

    You need to mark yourself as an authoritative and credible source in this industry in order to rank higher. One way to do this is to strategically create cluster model content slowly acquiring high-quality backlinks from your content.

    Another way is to earn links from sites that have high Domain Authority. The more you get those, the more you increase your own domain authority. Building quality backlinks is one of the substantial ways to increase website traffic.

    Some of the link-building strategies include,

    • Pitch your guest post/article to credible sites that welcome guest posts
    • Get a good SEO tool like SEMrush where you can get a list of broken links on other websites and offer yours as a replacement
    • Create evergreen and high-quality content that is irresistible to be linked to

    Usually, shorter content (<1000 words) gets fewer shares and backlinks than long-form content. When the users visit your profile, we hope that it will lead to a purchase.

    Optimize with SEO

    There is one problem if all of the above 4 didn’t work. They won’t increase visitors to your site if no one can find them. The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks.

    Use Targeted Keywords!

    This increases the overall visibility in the search engine. SEO strategy is a grand scale. Using long-tail keywords will lead your page to more relevant searches. This means that the higher the search volume, the higher traffic potential is, right? But note is, some broader search terms are hard to rank but it gives you the highest visibility to the website.

    We have got the keywords but keyword placement is like a bread and butter of on-page SEO. It helps the search engines to understand it better on relevant search engines.

    Some of the best keyword placement practices are,

    • Title tag (meta title)
    • Meta description
    • H1 heading
    • At least two H2 headings
    • Body Content
    • First 100 words
    • Image file names and Alt Text
    • Internal Linking

    Improve the SERP appeal by optimizing important pieces of information on your site. Always add 1-3 links that connect to your own page. This will make the visitors stay on your site and allow them to get more value from your website which contributes to site authority to boost website traffic. Manage your page speed especially optimized for mobile view or else the bounce rate will go sky-high degrading the website’s worth. Make all your websites more responsive and ensure accessibility across many sizes of devices.

    How to constantly improve SEO ranking,

    • Refresh and update your content
    • Update the statistics, information, and stats
    • Replace outdated visuals/illustrated concepts
    • Add more internal links to recent resources
    • Fix broken links and error
    • Update the content with new keywords


    We hope this post gave you a good insight into expert ways to increase website traffic. So, now are you ready to try these optimization techniques? Are you gonna syndicate your content on an online publishing platform or go on straight with your website? Or both?

    Or how are you planning to strategize your content?

    If you are stuck anywhere in this process, contact us for expert support from Zaigo Infotech. At Zaigo Infotech, we will listen to your vision, mission, and long-term and short-term goals to meticulously understand your business and strategize to bring results. We are also a result-driven organization where you can approach us to boost website traffic.

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