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    8 Pros and Cons of Mobile App Development

    The growing demand for mobile apps and their attractive features has spiked the need for mobile application development services for more than 10 years. Mobile apps are the most-sought software application feature any customer would immediately ask for in any start-up software product or service.

    The estimated smartphone users will be up to 7.5 billion by 2026 which speaks to how lucrative custom mobile application development is. It is evidently a profitable industry where mobile application development services revenue is forecast to be 366.34 billion at a growth rate of 11.5% from 2020 to 2027.

    With more than 7 billion devices in the world (including the public and other connections used by the same person), a mobile app can perfectly showcase your brand. If it is a software or a product, your customers may sure ask the following questions,

    “Does it have a mobile app?”
    “Is it paid?”
    “Is it easier to use?”

    With easier word-of-mouth marketing, it shows off your branding, and your services, and brings new users simply with a few taps away. You need to rely on custom mobile application development to expertly handle ups and downs. For all industries, whether it is B2B or B2C, iOS and Android apps will have a sheer amount of users.

    This is the very reason why so many game-changers see potential in it and why there is a lot of time and money investment going with it. Let’s list out the top 5 pros and cons of mobile app development,

    With pros, there is no real limit on how much you can earn from them. On the flip side, mobile application developers also have a huge demand with so much earning potential across the world. From brand promotion and monetization, there are a lot of ways you can connect with your user base.

    8 Pros of Mobile App Development

    • Easy to Access – A mobile app is easier for a customer to access and interact with than the website even if they have bookmarked it. Your app on your customer’s phone can immediately answer their needs and queries faster.

    • Discreet Data Retrieval – A mobile app can gather a lot of data including personal data, engagement data, behavioral data, and attitudinal data. This will help them identify and optimize the target audience for a high-conversion rate.

    • Communication – It is much easier for your business to interact with your customers or prospects through push notifications, purchases, chat or contact section. It is also useful for the users to troubleshoot, raise issues, reordering, tracking, and so much more, resulting in providing excellent customer service. In the view of marketing, user analysis, indirect user data retrieved is utilized for several promotional /seasonal offers, discounts, and coupons.

    • Productivity – It benefits the users for their productivity and streamlines the point of communication with a great sync. It seamlessly connects across devices and business operations.

    • Extensive CustomizationMobile applications can be easily customized to their UI/UX, performance, design, functionality, new specific features, APIs, interface needs, etc. It is even more convenient when the mobile app is built with a single code base allowing roll-out features and updates across different platforms.

    • Future-Proof Technology – Mobile apps are without a doubt going to continue to evolve and keep adding layers of benefits to the users. It solely satisfies the upcoming trends and understands the target audience’s requirements better.

    • Higher Scalability – In the event of business growth, mobile apps can be effective in scaling up and handling maximum number resources/processes. Mobile apps can be easier with advanced functionalities, as it can add more value to your customers.

    • Very Competitive Edge – A mobile app makes your business significantly competitive. With ever-changing consumer behavior patterns, the demand for instant “everything” can be fulfilled by mobile apps. Going beyond the competitive edge, a mobile app strategy will improve your business workflow and also gives an overall improved revenue generation to your business.

    8 Cons of Mobile App Development

    • Investment/Cost – The cost of creating a mobile application is so high even for enterprises that might risk revenue generation in hopes of bringing a huge ROI. When a business hopes to invest in a mobile app for quicker sales, it may or may not bring the desired results. However, consulting with professional mobile application development services can help.

    • Doesn’t help with SEO – This is the biggest drawback of mobile apps as the contents and the efforts applied in creating a mobile app don’t benefit any of the search engine’s visibility. It can be leveraged only by full-fledged marketing efforts. It can be only gathered by application links, store listings, social media, blogs, and so on.

    • App Store Approvals Take a Long Time – Almost 50% of the apps may get reviewed and approved within 24 hours while 90% of the apps are reviewed within 48 hours. If it gets delayed, it may take anywhere between 1-4 weeks. Patience is the key here.

    • 2x Marketing Pressure – Supporting both website and mobile app is a serious conversation most businesses go through. Even if the business’s primary function is a mobile app, they need to promote websites too. Any gain from either means only half conversion.

    • Testing and Deployment – Unlike iOS, Android runs on different devices and platforms making testing time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. With a sudden surging number of different end devices, compatibility with screen sizes, application types, and platform makes testing and deployment even tougher.

    • Download and Sign-up Required for Paid Services – Almost all business-driven mobile apps require the user to install the app on their device, this makes a lot of users hesitant due to storage or access allowance. Even if they download it, a typical sign-up is required for basic customer data collection. Most applications never get downloaded which leads to no reviews, visibility, or revenue gains.

    • App Store Listings Can Be Very Challenging – Add-on to the application development, terms and conditions, fee structure, and publishing has a lot of terms and conditions resulting in app rejections. Last-minute or final changes after deployment may not be so perfect. Also, there are a lot of restrictions clamping down on the quality and overall application build. This could also mean additional costs for developing, marketing, and publishing your application.

    • Fragmentation – With a multitude of resolutions, screen sizes, app design and development, UI and UX can be very challenging. This should be considered in order to deliver a responsive app because for every new launch or additional or innovative feature, the development and deployment team will be faced with various challenges in creating a smooth application.

    Even with all these cons, it is very clear that the “market need” for easy and contactless business interactions is inevitable. Mobile apps have proven to reach more customers, increase your revenue, offers/discounts applied easily, and are very good for investing.

    If you’ve decided to hire mobile application developers, the next step is to approach Zaigo Infotech! Who are we?

    Zaigo infotech is a reputable custom mobile application development company with years of experience in developing the best products and app experiences. Once your app idea is ready, you can hire an in-house team or outsource your work with us. It is not just about spending your business budget but you need a mobile app with utmost clarity and requirement. This is the part where our mobile application developers will come into play.

    Once your mobile app is out, make sure you stay in industry trends and do regular maintenance. You can easily grow out your cons if done right.

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