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    8 Reasons to choose Woo-commerce for your eCommerce Store

    In recent days, online stores are growing rapidly. This pandemic made many businesses go online and it really helps them reach a wide range of customers increasing sales and brand awareness.
    If you want to start an online store, you should be aware of the eCommerce platforms. There are plenty of leading eCommerce platforms available, including Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, and Bigcommerce. Among these, Woo-commerce is the top-rated platform preferred by many brands. This is because of its cost-effective and hassle-free features. Moreover, WordPress with woo-commerce developers is in high demand.
    Let’s see the top 8 reasons to choose Woo-commerce plugins for your online store and how it can help you grow business online.

    What is WooCommerce and why choose it for your eCommerce store?

    WooCommerce is a customizable plugin used to transform your WordPress website into an online store in a few steps. It was launched in 2011 and more than 25% of online stores run on Woo-commerce plugins. It has tons of built-in features that make it user-friendly for even newbies.
    Top eCommerce stores using WordPress and WooCommerce

    • Porter & York
    • Kawaii Box
    • Gabriel Iglesias
    • French Today
    • Disruptive Youth


    Top 8 reasons to choose Woo-commerce

    You may be overwhelmed with the various eCommerce platforms in the market, but Woocommerce is trusted by many online brands. Here are the 8 reasons why you should select Woo-commerce.

    #1 – Woo-Commerce is budget-friendly (Free and Premium versions available)

    If you are just starting off your business, pricing is an important thing to consider. Woo-commerce plugins are the right choice for those who look for affordable platforms. It offers flexible and cost-effective features, plugins, and themes. The best part is that they offer free and premium versions. As a result, you can create highly efficient and responsive online stores within your budget.

    #2 – Customize your online StoreFront

    The first impression is the best impression! This is a fitting quote for your StoreFront. Woocommerce in WordPress lets you customize your StoreFront with attractive and sensible themes. It offers 40+ free themes that increase your website’s conversion rate. If you’re a beginner with little CSS and HTML knowledge, then Woocommerce is the best platform for your WordPress website.

    #3 – Built-in features and advanced plugins

    Woo-Commerce is filled with tons of built-in features and plugins to make your WordPress website more flexible and attractive. Some features are – i) Pre-installed payment gateway to accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, and more. ii) Options to support various currencies & geolocation. iii) Easy e-store management to add/update product details and much more.

    #4 – SEO friendly platform

    To get your website ranked in the search engine result, SEO is really important. Naturally, WordPress and Woo-Commerce are SEO-friendly, and it makes the website rank in a better position in the SERP with increased organic traffic. To be precise, WooCommerce in WordPress helps you optimize your website for search engines. You get potential customers in return.

    #5 – Scope for marketing

    There is no use of online presence if you don’t market your products. Woo-Commerce really helps you sell your products and services via multiple promotional features. For example, you can attract more customers by adding discount options, running coupon campaigns, and promoting your products on sale. In addition, plug-ins like Newsletter subscriptions, Coupon pop, Follow up emails, and more are available.

    #6 – Easy inventory management

    Using the built-in inventory management features, you can identify and track stock levels. Moreover, WooCommerce has an automated service for hiding out-of-stock products from the dashboard. And, it is easy to manage refunds, orders, emails, and stocks all in one place.

    #7 – Built-in analytics

    WooCommerce comes with built-in analytics to assess the performance of your website in terms of revenue, marketing, conversion rates, and more. The analytical reports are intuitive and presented in graphs to get a clear picture of how customers interact with the store.

    #8 – Strong cybersecurity

    Security plays a vital role in online stores, where thousands of transactions and payments happen daily. Woo-Commerce offers the utmost security and protection to your website.

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