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Zaigo Infotech is an experienced company with a team of passionate and dedicated team of designers, developers, programmers, writers and managers. We work together to solve real life challenges by offering best technology solutions.

Our mission is to provide innovative technology solutions to our customers to enhance their business growth.

Our vision is to build great technology products which can transform people lives.

Most of you may have unique tech ideas and may be dreaming of turning them into profit earning businesses. Our team of experts at Zaigo Infotech will analyse the ins and outs of your business and deliver the highest quality technology solutions to make your dream a reality. We are a one stop web, mobile and digital solution company to help overcome the challenges of your business. Connect to us and we assure that we’ll definitely celebrate your success together.


At Zaigo Infotech, we ensure that all our employees strongly relate to the values of our company.


We regard integrity as a critical core value. We are committed to possess integrity at an organizational level. We are honest and trustworthy in dealing with our clients and partners.




We know transparency is important because it eliminates the suspicions and anxieties of our customers. We make sure that we don’t hide anything from our clients.


Accountability at work is critical. We understand that to carry out a project successfully we need to develop accountability throughout our organization. That is why we have made accountability our business philosophy.




We have well defined process that serves as the building block of company. Our processes are the key to our success and our efficiency.


We at Zaigo Infotech, make sure that excellence never takes a backseat because we want to make no compromises with the quality of services and products provided by us. We are always on the pursuit for excellence and highest quality.


Customer Delight

Customer Delight

Customer delight is a core value at Zaigo Infotech. We surprise our customers by exceeding their expectations.

Our Process

We follow a defined process for the complete application development life cycle from the initiation to the deployment in production and support. We have a technically strong team with several years of experience and updated knowledge. Our team of Business Analysts, Project Managers, scrum masters, developers, designers and testers who work collaboratively to develop and deliver unique web applications.

Project Scope

Defining the scope of the project is a critical step. Without a well defined project scope, no matter how efficient, how effective and how hard you work, success of a project is impossible. We identify the project needs, confirm the goals of the project, analyze the expectations and identify the constraints to ensure the success of any project


Planning is important as it leads to effective end results. Our efficient planning helps in getting rid of additional costs, in maintaining high quality standards and to prevent obstacles that arise in the project. Planning includes the sitemap and wireframes of pages. Creating the sitemap ensures that you've considered all the key pages in the site. Wireframes provide a detailed view of the content that will appear on each page.


Once the planning process is completed, our design experts start to build the architecture of the project and to create a visual style. We make sure the design is engaging, appealing as well as interactive. We convey perceptual ideas within the design. Our designing accommodates content too. We confirm the design with our clients before moving to the next stage.


When the design is confirmed, we move on to translate the design to actual code that makes the website work. Development involves the bulk of programming work. We take all the individual graphic elements to create the actual functional site. Elements such as CMS, WordPress, and ecommerce shopping carts are implemented during development stage.


Once it is confirmed that everything is working beautifully it is time to launch the site. Final polishing to identify parts that needs improvement Transfer to live server Running the website using the available tools


We know that the project is not over with the launch. We know it is not enough to deliver a project. That is why we make sure everything works fine. We are always prepared to make changes. We keep your website up to date. Our regular maintenance will keep away bugs and minimize security risks.

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