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    Top 12 Pioneering Web Development Trends in 2022

    Our experts at Zaigo Infotech, can see the breakneck speed of changes in web trends every year. If you are a business owner willing to create a great website, you must adapt to new changes to keep up with the competition and attract more potential customers.

    In the world of web development, it makes it challenging to deliver the best custom web application development services. Nonetheless, we continuously strive to update our team, skill sets, and resources to keep up the pace. These are the top 12 latest web development trends to check out –

    1.Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    Loved by many top brands, PWAs have become a necessity and a 2022’s web development trend since the spike in mobile phone users. It functions as an all-native application giving a complete native device experience.

    PWAs result in favorable changes for businesses and users. PWAs are developed with known web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But they leave you with the functionalities of an actual native app.

    Some benefits of PWAs are

    • Seamless installation
    • It saves device storage and power
    • Cost-effective support and development
    • Smoother updates and maintenance
    • It’s easier deployment and launch
    • Flexible distribution

    This is undoubtedly gonna be a game-changer for businesses in the coming years for its usage and high profitability. Being a custom web application development company, we can see the progressive results of using PWAs on our clients.

    2. Dark Mode UI

    The dark mode trend is the most attractive and has visual website design patterns making it easier for the users to enjoy the web. Many top companies like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Google are laying their hand on this technology.

    We think this trend will still be popular throughout the world, as it has a lot of benefits, less taxing for the eyes, and more comfortable to use.

    Advantages of Dark Mode UI

    • Saves battery life
    • Less eye strain
    • Reduces blue-light emissions
    • Legible and accessible
    • Employes less opacity


    3.Voice Search

    Voice searches in mobile and web apps are slowly adapting and are predicted to reach a higher reach in the coming years. The global market for smart speakers is expected to reach over USD 15.6 billion by 2025.

    While we deliver our custom web application development services, voice search optimization is a crucial and a must technical SEO strategy to stand out among their competitors. Voice search typically facilitates speech synthesis and speech recognition. Speech synthesis is a text-to-speech element that enables scripts to read written content. Speech recognition identifies voice context and responds to queries.

    Benefits of Voice Search

    • Make SEO campaigns effective
    • Answer customer queries quickly
    • Increase trust and customer loyalty


    4. Serverless Architecture

    Serverless architecture is the fastest-growing cloud computing platform. Web application developers can just focus on the product instead of maintenance, infrastructure, and scaling in less time. It replaces the regular servers with machine resource consumption which is forecasted to use IoT apps, products, and services that require backend requests.
    Benefits Of Serverless Architecture

    • Enhanced scalability and App flexibility
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Only pay for the resource you use
    • Delegated maintenance
    • Easy integration of new features


    5. Mobile-First Development Approach

    In a real-world sense, it is a loss if you didn’t prioritize a mobile-first strategy. Imagine, that people always have smartphones in their hands to do their everyday tasks or informal stuff. This is why a consistent and smooth mobile experience is required to win your customers.

    When you are going for any web development outsourcing services, always check on how effective your web or mobile app will run to get a smoother app use.
    Advantages of Mobile-First Development

    • Responsive and Better UX
    • Fewer Bugs/Errors
    • Content-First Design
    • Faster Load Times


    6. WebAssembly

    Web applications that are planned to be built with so much complexity, functionalities, and heavy calculations might affect user experience. This is why most powerful web applications (such as online gaming and simulations) are available “only on desktop” all these years. Web application developers can code in any of your preferred programming languages and compile it into bytecodes that can run on the browser right away.

    It is totally worth it if you are planning to build a music app, image or video editor, training app, 3D mapping app, online multiplayer gaming, etc.

    They can run on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox Browsers, etc.
    Benefits of WebAssembly

    • Speed and flexibility
    • Accessed from anywhere
    • Near-native speed
    • Multiple programming languages

    7. AI Chatbots

    An AI-Powered chatbot is assigned to every visitor to guide their way through their mobile or web application. They answer your queries that aren’t readily available at the current screen they are browsing at.

    In the near future, web application developers can leverage the customer’s flow, interests, and online behaviors to pave a profitable journey. It can collect accurate data, solve real-time issues, and other frequent questions.

    Pros of Chatbots

    • Cultivates loyal customer base
    • Faster operations
    • Collects audience data for better offerings
    • Reduced human resources in customer services
    • Improved user experience


    8. Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology gives secure digital transactions and an immutable kind of digital security. Since it is decentralized, it is very hard to manipulate data. Blockchain tech has great potential in the coming years. The peak of its time starts when many websites, mobile apps, and web portals start to add bitcoin wallets for digital transactions.

    You can consult an innovative and result-driven web portal development company like ours to add your first digital wallet for your business.
    Some Benefits of Blockchain Technology are

    • Error-free digital transactions
    • High on data security
    • Better visibility and traceability of digital transactions
    • Smart contracts
    • Profitable and scalable


    9. Single Page Application (SPA)


    As the name suggests, SPAs is a single-page web trend that is designed to have everything on a single page making it super-easy for the users to make decisions and navigate. It is a new-gen trend that is faster, easier, and more efficient with loading time.

    Since many people gravitate to web application-like experiences such as Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, and social networking platforms, it is highly expected to get its transition.

    Pros of Single Page Applications (SPAs)

    • Cost-effective
    • Easy-to-use
    • Minimal bounce rates
    • Dynamic content
    • Easy debugging


    10. Push Notifications

    Push notifications are clickable pop-ups with messages/offers/discounts that a user can view use while browsing. Web application developers can apply these on any rendering device like laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This is almost a favorite feature of PWBs to grab users’ attention and retention rates.

    This has replaced traditional email communications. It can be easily applied to online shopping websites, existing blogs, and other websites.

    Here are the pros of push notifications

    • Maximized user experience
    • Increased traffic and click-rates
    • Promising ROI
    • Easy for brand messaging
    • Faster and easy integration


    11. Multi-experience

    Multi-Experience is the whole digital experience that a user gets with digital sources like apps, chatbots, websites, wearable devices, etc. It promotes a consistent and seamless user experience. This multi-experience allows you to communicate well with your customers across different devices.

    Benefits of Multi-Experience

    • Scalable and promising brand awareness
    • An array of front-end tools and backend services
    • Low-code frameworks


    12. API-first Development

    API-first development was introduced when there is a spike in demand for communicating with external applications and products. This soon turns out to be the web application developer’s cumbersome and time-consuming process.

    This allows the development team simultaneously on different functionalities and integrations as it is easier to section it by components. This results in faster development, integrations, testing, and deployment.

    Advantages of API-First Development

    • Developer-friendly
    • Reliable and consistent
    • Improved customer experience
    • Reduced cost of development
    • Easy to adapt

    Get Help With A Leading Custom Web Application Development Company – Zaigo Infotech

    Being a leader in providing custom web application development services, we have a team of dedicated web application developers, testers, and managers in developing new features and resolving issues. With means of user-centered design and open-source technology, we work together to solve real-life challenges.

    5 Useful Tips to Increase Website Traffic

    Businesses innovate many ways to increase website traffic and there is generally a lot of misconception about what brings in results. Using the latest proven techniques will definitely increase visitors to your website without much effort at some point. It is all about the beginnings. When you are jumbled between writing a blog post, social media posts, and strategizing for a new email campaign, it is even hard to look back and see what’s driving traffic to your site and what isn’t.


    We have nailed down the top 5 useful ways to increase website traffic.


    Top 5 Useful Tips to Increase Website Traffic


    Let’s break it down one by one :-


    1. Put a Strategic but Attractive Content

    It is not about creating content but about creating memorable, interesting and distinctive content that cuts through all the noise in the online world. It doesn’t all just have to be about humor, entertainment and memes but it should also be quite useful or insightful that will make them come for more.


    When it comes to Google, your content should be accurate, reliable, specific, consistent, and thorough. This is why 434% of the websites that have featured blogs rank higher.


    Some key tips to remember :-

    • Strategize your content to your audience personas
    • Optimize long-form content
    • Build a community and engagement-driven platforms
    • Keep paragraph short with 2-3 sentences
    • Use a clear and readable font
    • Make it interesting with images and videos
    • Fill your content with bullets, lists and headings

    One of the other ways to increase website traffic is to give out industrial-focused content (which can be gated or free) to make them bookmark your website and come back for more. Great content usually maximizes your returns and will help you find new leads.


    2. Staying in Trend through Social Media Channels

    We have literally seen news about brands that nailed the social media campaign or that controversial advertisement or massive brand collaboration that awed you, right?


    Social media is a huge place to attract like-minded people and a diverse range of people for a message you stand for. Brands have the privileges to directly interact with your potential customers, building a community, replying and reposting the content that is beneficial in the long-term.


    Social media is a massive traffic generator for your site, and most of which could be referral traffic. But, once it is popular, it will significantly increase traffic on the website. Learning the nuances and themes for each social media channel will increase visitors if done with a clear CTA. All you have to do is to amplify the brand’s message and promote a sale on your website.


    Some tips to follow are,


    • Use trending hashtags
    • Follow a strategic content calendar
    • Target amplifiers
    • Run a paid campaign
    • Interviewing thought leaders
    • Dynamic tweets
    • Post at the right time
    • Hashtag outreach
    • Influencer marketing

    Paid advertising and target amplifiers are the best ways to market your product. They deliver the right messages, reach your target audience, and increase traffic on websites.


    3. Use Advertising to Make a Sale and Increase Traffic

    This one isn’t free like the others. Running a campaign is a huge budget deal but one of the super effective ways to increase website traffic. Choosing the right strategy will pay for itself as it can instantly steal the clicks from top searches, social media attention, and other channels.


    One can always start with a “trial-mode” paid campaign then gradually gear it up to full advertising budget. On the flip side, if you have SEO locked and perfect, paid advertisement will boost website traffic.


    It is also important to set advertising budget goals, before investing tons of money on it. When doing PPC, it is important to do an A/B campaign with different ad groups, channels, and keywords before spending it on your best advertising method.


    4. Quality Backlinks

    You need to mark yourself as an authoritative and credible source in this industry in order to rank higher. One way to do this is to strategically create cluster model content slowly acquiring high quality backlinks from your content.


    Another way is to earn links from sites that have high Domain Authority. The more you get those, the more you increase your own domain authority. Building quality backlinks is one of the substantial ways to increase website traffic.


    Some of the link building strategies include,

    • Pitch your guest post/article to credible sites that welcomes guest posts
    • Get a good SEO tool like SEMrush where you can get a list of broken links on other websites and offer yours as replacement
    • Create a evergreen and high-quality content that is irresistible to be linked to

    Usually, shorter content (<1000 words) gets less shares and backlink than long-form content. When the users visit your profile, we hope that it will lead to a purchase.


    5. Optimize with SEO

    There is one problem if all of the above 4 didn’t work. They won’t increase visitors to your site if no one can find them. The first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks.


    Use Targeted Keywords!


    This increases the overall visibility in the search engine. SEO strategy is a grand scale. Using long-tail keywords will lead your page to more relevant searches. This means that the higher the search volume, the higher traffic potential is, right? But note is, some broader search terms are hard to rank but it gives you the highest visibility to the website.


    We have got the keywords but keyword placement is like a bread and butter of on-page SEO. It helps the search engines to understand it better on relevant search engines.


    Some of the best keyword placement practises are,

    • Title tag (meta title)
    • Meta description
    • H1 heading
    • At least two H2 headings
    • Body content
    • First 100 words
    • Image file names and Alt Text
    • Internal Linking

    Improve the SERP appeal by optimizing important pieces of information on your site. Always add 1-3 links that connect to your own page. This will make the visitors stay on your site and allow them to get more value from your website which contributes to site authority to boost website traffic. Manage your page speed especially optimized for mobile view or else the bounce rate will go sky-high degrading the website’s worth. Make all your websites more responsive and ensure accessibility across many sizes of devices.


    How to constantly improve SEO ranking,

    • Refresh and update your content
    • Update the statistics, information, and stats
    • Replace outdated visuals/illustrated concepts
    • Add more internal links to recent resources
    • Fix broken links and error
    • Update the content with new keywords
    Wrapping up with this point

    We hope this post gave you a good insight on expert ways to increase website traffic. So, now are you ready to try these optimization techniques? Are you gonna syndicate your content on an online publishing platform or going on straight with your website? Or both?


    Or how are you planning to strategize your content?


    If you are stuck anywhere in this process, contact us for expert support from Zaigo infotech. At Zaigo Infotech, we will listen to your vision, mission, long-term and short-term goals to meticulously understand your business and strategize to bring the results. We are also a result-driven organization where you can approach us to boost website traffic.


    With proven marketing techniques that keeps you ahead of competition. We provide full-service digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, SMM, SMO, ORM, and email marketing.


    9 Best WordPress Hosting Options Compared for 2022

    There are hundreds of “Best WordPress Hosting Providers” offering everything from cheap to premium managed WordPress hostings. But, our goal is to go beyond and find hosts that offer quality services at different price points. The final pick of your WordPress hosting determines your dream website’s overall speed, reliability, security, and health that matters. We have compiled the best 9 WordPress hosting services that might work the best for you.


    Let’s break down every WordPress hosting below and get a wider look.


    1. Bluehost


    Bluehost is one of the most popular, oldest and largest WordPress hosting providers started in 1996. It is one of the lowest-cost options to host especially for those who are just getting started. It works for everyone from entrepreneurs, to businesses, and also gets to enjoy reliable support with WordPress installation.


    Here are the Best Features of BlueHost,


    • Free domain
    • Free SSL certification
    • Free Business Email
    • One-Click WordPress Installation
    • Enhanced cPanel Interface
    • 24/7 WordPress Support
    • Affordable Pricing

    Bluehost is a great choice for most beginners or intermediates and experts. Also, to effectively use this, there’s 24/7 support with guides, video tutorials and chat in case of any troubleshooting complications.


    2. WP Engine


    If you’re serious about high-traffic blogs or business, WP Engine is better-managed WordPress Web Hosting. You’ll save a lot of money and offer additional advanced features that others don’t offer.


    WP Engine maintains speed and security, meaning you don’t need to put effort to maximize performance from your end. You can’t rely on plug-ins every time and they offer automatic plugin updates, backups, added security features, and ward off brute force attacks. On top of it, WP Engine has excellent service support 24/7 that will track your service tickets and comprehensive knowledge base. That’s why WP Engine can be taken seriously if you value your business.


    3. SiteGround


    SiteGround is officially recommended by making it an excellent choice for any size, type, and easy-to-use tools while setting up the website. For support, SiteGround offers 24/7 live chat support and phone calls. They are best for providing fast web hosting at cost-effective prices.


    • One-Click WordPress Install
    • Offers a Starter Tool to Create a Website
    • Top-tier Web Performance with NGINX, HTTP/2, and PHP7
    • Free CDN
    • Top WordPress Security Features with Automatic Upgrades
    • Custom Firewall Rules
    • Staging Tool for a Testing Environment
    • Top-Rated support by Phone, Chat, and Email Tickets

    SiteGround is a good, cheap, and reliable hosting provider but the downside is the storage space. SiteGround offers from 10GB to 40GB but it cannot upload a lot of pages and media content.


    4. HostGator


    HostGator is a huge hosting service known for its low prices. The cheapest plans feature free migrations, a clean control panel, advanced security. HostGator is a notable cloud-based WordPress hosting platform which means less downtime and faster load times.


    • Low-Cost Pricing
    • Free Migrations
    • Cloud-Hosting Provider
    • Ranks Best among WordPress hosting providers
    • Free Domain
    • SSL Security
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Automated Updates

    BlueHost may be WordPress’s top provider, but if you ask which is the evolving best hosting provider, it credits to HostGator. It offers strong plans across the board and quality WordPress web hostings.


    5. DreamHost


    DreamHost is also a leading WordPress hosting platform with 1.5 million websites on the internet. It comes with a user-friendly website. They are packed with good reviews and performance that is promising to build your website


    • Organized Control Panel
    • 24/7 Expert Support
    • Daily backups and server caching
    • A FREE domain
    • A Free SSL certificate
    • Pre-installed WordPress without Manual Installation
    • Makes your site faster by 200% with Solid State Drives (SSDs)
    • 100% Uptime Guarantee

    DreamHost is a US-based team of professionals supporting their users with active chat support. It offers backups and server caching with both site’s performance and storage. Award-winning support is available anytime you need it.


    6. GreenGeeks


    GreenGeeks is a unique eco-friendly web hosting company designed to save 300% energy commitment. You will get automatic updates, one-click WordPress installation, security, and 24/7 expert support. Automatic backup every 24 hours is a huge plus so don’t worry about losing content.


    Look at the top features of GreenGeeks WordPress hosting:


    • Green Energy Web Hosting
    • One-click WordPress Install, Auto-Updates, and Daily Updates
    • Free Domain
    • Free Encrypted Wildcard SSL
    • Top-tier performance with PHP7, SSD, and CDN
    • Advanced Security and Zero Vulnerability
    • 99.98% Guaranteed Uptime

    The lack of a managed WordPress plan is a shame, and it’s not the cheapest host on our list, but the whole GreenGeeks is a solid choice.


    7. Kinsta


    Kinsta is an expensive web host but delivers great performance and scalability for growing WordPress websites. They can handle 25,000 visitors monthly unique traffic in the starter pack allowing up to 3 million unique monthly visits per month in the advanced package. This makes it a good medium for a bigger audience. They have a user-friendly panel for maintenance so it becomes very easy.


    • Free Migrations
    • Daily Backups
    • Stronger Security
    • User-Friendly Dashboards
    • No Worries about Crashing Down
    • Good for Seasonal Traffic Performance
    • Customer Support

    It has a dashboard that serves us control center with a wide range of analytics, control center, and manages users with all levels of access.


    Kinsta can handle high volumes of traffic. You don’t need to worry about outgrowing your website and keep pulling in traffic. Also, Kinsta has the same features across every plan.


    8. GoDaddy


    GoDaddy has many impressive strings to its bow. For beginners, this is the world’s largest domain registrar from their promotions. It boasts an impressive website builder and offers well-managed WordPress web hostings.


    You know GoDaddy as a domain registrar with a plethora of web solutions. GoDaddy offers simplicity, easy onboarding, SEO-friendly websites, and security support.


    They handle

    • Installation
    • Daily Backups
    • Software Updates
    • Free Domain and Email
    • Compatible with WordPress Add-ons
    9. A2 Hosting


    A2 Hosting is a well-known WordPress hosting provider where it offers a developer-friendly web hosting platform that has higher flexibility and developmental features. A2 hosting provides shared or managed hosting plans for WordPress,


    • It has Auto-Setup for WordPress
    • High Performance with Fast SwiftServer platform
    • Free SSDs
    • Free HackScan Protection to help Block Hacks
    • 24/7 Expert Support Available

    A2 Hosting is very developer-friendly and their money-back guarantee is one such unique feature. If you need a fast web hosting service with great upfront pricing and want to scale up the website growth.


    Visit their website and analyze A2 Hosting’s pros and cons before signing up, paying for their hosting service, or just testing it up. A2 Hosting provides both shared and managed WordPress Web hosting plans.


    If you are planning to HOST it, then pick “Your” Best WordPress Hosting Providers


    Hope this comparison received the best knowledge for your website. WordPress hostings must be chosen after a pure comparison of the speed test, performance, user ratings, visitings, and testing experiments for large traffic each month.


    Review their pricing details and plans thoroughly.


    We have previously shared articles that are helpful if you are trying to build a magnetic successful business that will match your needs.


    Who are we?


    Zaigo Infotech is equipped with a team of experts who can work on your IT needs from the scratch till the end. We are working with a technically strong team with more years of experience who have updated knowledge on the field. Schedule a call with us now for any of your IT requirements.


    Why is React JS better than other Java Frame Works?

    The rise in popularity in the usage of React JS is known for its simplicity to create single-page applications. Developed by Jordan Walke, it was applied on Facebook and Instagram soon after its popularity.

    With many different alternatives, people love the idea of using shorter and reusable components. These small & reusable components allow the user to drill down problematic codes to debug.

    React JS pioneers both frontend and backend applications. React JS developers must generally have vast knowledge about HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

    It all started when front-end developers worked to create a more logical and structured manner set of components. The more they worked on JavaScript, the more the community realized they needed a simplified framework. There were many other frameworks like Backbone, Dojo, Ember and AngularJS with a vast community. But React JS was formed later to build a simplified framework.

    Key Reasons to Choose React JS

    • Simple and Easy – It is very straightforward and easy to learn. It helps businesses build their projects quickly. Compared to other frontend frameworks like Angular and Vue, it is easier to learn. You can mix HTML, JavaScript and use a special JSX syntax to complete a project.
    • Code Reusability and Data Binding – It uses one-sided data binding which controls the flow of data from one point to another. A component can be used anywhere in your project by just calling from other components.
    • Rich User InterfacesReact JS has the ability to build rich UI design which will attract the value of the application to its success. It can be done if it is mastered in web development stages.
    • Build Custom Components – You can write your custom components rendering to new experimental projects. This creates flexibility to try and test with other applications.
    • Uplifts Developers Productivity – The process is simple too. Any single component such as button, checkbox, text fields etc can be wrapped into components that will ultimately move forward to root components.
    • SEO-Friendly – According to Moz, using React JS lowers the page loading time and faster rendering speed. It factors for businesses to secure first rank on Google Search Page. React JS is SEO-friendly and virtual DOM renders web pages to the browser with no other practices.
    • Strong Community Support – Like Angular, a large number of React developers are contributing towards frontend frameworks. YouTube is now abundant with Free React tutorials, articles and blogs on the internet. React experts are regularly resolving queries in sites like Stack Overflow and Quora.

    Loved by fortune 500 companies, it still inspires many ReactJS web and mobile applications. Because React JS has key benefits that stand out from the rest of the Java Development Frameworks.

    Benefits of React JS:

    • Speed – The React JS allows the developers to utilize individual parts of their application on both client-side and the server-side, which boosts the development process. In simple words, developers can write individual parts of changes that won’t be the change to the logic of the application.
    • Flexibility – React JS is a modular structure making it flexible and easier to maintain. This, in turn, saves a huge amount of time and cost to the business.
    • Performance – In regard to the reasons to choose React JS, it offers a virtual DOM program, runs extremely fast and also offers server-side rendering.

    Interestingly, according to 2020’s stack overflow, 68.9% of the respondents were willing to continue working on React Js out of 57 responses. React JS holds the Most Wanted category covering the top position of 22.4% of developers. Compared to Vue and Angular, job openings were higher for React JS developers in 2020.

    React JS amplifies the business goals and meets the requirements of many businesses resulting in the spike of React JS developers’ demand. Designing a dynamic web application with clumsy HTML strings and JavaScript is a troublesome affair. It requires complicated coding. But the React JS framework makes it easier for you.

    Zaigo Infotech has a team of proficient React JS experts to build scalable projects for small, medium and large enterprises. It could be the smartest choice you can ever make about your IT needs.

    If you are looking to hire React JS developers, Zaigo Infotech is a final stop for you.

    Full Stack Developers or Specialized Developers – Which is best?

    Major changes in the IT sector have redefined the way of hiring developers, as they expect a diverse range of skill sets.

    Start-ups of an IT/software industry love the pros of “Jack of all” also known as Full-stack developers. It is quite assumed to be true that they can handle everything. But who do you approach for more specialized projects? Caution, if identified wrongly, a person who you thought the best might end up being the not-so-right person for the job.

    Well, you can either hire developers according to the need of the hour or by contract or full-time. It totally depends on your requirements. (Where will you go? Zaigo Infotech. We offer wide range of developers to your project requirement.)

    First, you must understand the key differences between a full-stack developer or a specialized developer. Some notable differences are as follows.

    Full-stack developer Specialized Developer
    Handles both front-end and back-end Either front-end or back-end
    Best for small projects
    (End-to-end software development)
    Best for large projects
    (requires a team to finish the lifecycle)
    Highly economical More expensive
    Good with time-constrained jobs Needs sufficient time
    Low complexity projects Advanced/complex projects
    Reduced meetings/discussions Frequent meetings/discussions
    Dependability is high (hard to continue without them Less dependability (The project may continue with the help of others)
    Errors/Bugs cannot be directly assigned easily Easier for clients to report a bug due to transparency

    Businesses may need both full-stack developers and specialized developers based on the requirement. It all drills down to “when”, “what” and “why” to hire a full-stack developer or a specialized developer.

    When to hire a full-stack developer?

    When an idea has to be deployed quickly. They are most preferred by startups and new IT/software projects as they manage with less time, budget and resources. They do wonders if you want to hassle without a big team.

    They are cross-disciplined and can overlap with any issues from front-end or back-end smoothly. Also, they take responsibility for the entire project instead of picking a part of it.

    Why do businesses pick them and what can they offer?

    Full-stack developers are skilled with a vast pool of latest IT technologies and are very versatile in application development. They can offer a variety of skill sets instantaneously like,

    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Database
    • Software Testing
    • UI & UX design
    • Architecture, roadmap and scalability.

    They don’t necessarily build software from scratch involving many hours of manual coding. Instead, they smartly use developer frameworks, tools and libraries, to reduce the work.

    When to hire a specialized developer?

    If you got a long-term and a more complex requirement, then a specialized developer can nail the best. They can leverage their field of expertise to develop a precise and high-level software solution.

    They can drill down in-depth technical concepts and work with a team of specialists to complete a project. They use specialized tools, frameworks and workflows to make a high-quality project..

    Why do businesses pick them and what can they offer?

    Specialized developers have a great knack to code and deliver even the advanced technical requirements. They are the immediate “go-to” person to discuss a complex technical project.

    They most probably offer the best solution to a complex technical requirement. They are known for

    • Practical knowledge with latest technology
    • Advanced coding/technical knowledge
    • Assists better with complex projects

    Unlike full-stack developers, we cannot define a specialized developer. For example, Python developer will work with

    • Python framework such as Flask, Bottle, Web2Py
    • Knowledge in Python libraries
    • Familiarity with ORM libraries
    • Version control tools

    We hope we have made a clear distinction between these two types. We can conclude that it can never be categorized without knowing the requirements of the project (It varies from project to project ).

    Carefully pick your developers to avoid unmet goals. If you are still confused, our experts can guide you better. Deemed as one of the top off shore developers, we can clearly lay out the best plan for a requirement. At Zaigo Infotech, we offer a team of dedicated developers to handle your project.

    We are a team of skilled remote developers who can scale up your IT needs 10x better than before. With Zaigo Infotech, you can hire remote developers to handle your IT requirement, you can focus on closing your business deals.

    We have got your back!

    8 Reasons to choose Woo-commerce for your eCommerce Store

    In recent days, online stores are growing rapidly. This pandemic made many businesses go online and it really helps them reach a wide range of customers increasing sales and brand awareness.
    If you want to start an online store, you should be aware of the eCommerce platforms. There are plenty of leading eCommerce platforms available, including Shopify, Magento, Woo-commerce, and Bigcommerce. Among these, Woo-commerce is the top-rated platform preferred by many brands. This is because of its cost-effective and hassle-free features. Moreover, WordPress with woo-commerce developers is in high demand.
    Let’s see the top 8 reasons to choose Woo-commerce plugins for your online store and how it can help you grow business online.

    What is WooCommerce and why choose it for your eCommerce store?

    WooCommerce is a customizable plugin used to transform your WordPress website into an online store in a few steps. It was launched in 2011 and more than 25% of online stores run on Woo-commerce plugins. It has tons of built-in features that make it user-friendly for even newbies.
    Top eCommerce stores using WordPress and WooCommerce

    • Porter & York
    • Kawaii Box
    • Gabriel Iglesias
    • French Today
    • Disruptive Youth


    Top 8 reasons to choose Woo-commerce

    You may be overwhelmed with the various eCommerce platforms in the market, but Woocommerce is trusted by many online brands. Here are the 8 reasons why you should select Woo-commerce.

    #1 – Woo-Commerce is budget-friendly (Free and Premium versions available)

    If you are just starting off your business, pricing is an important thing to consider. Woo-commerce plugins are the right choice for those who look for affordable platforms. It offers flexible and cost-effective features, plugins, and themes. The best part is that they offer free and premium versions. As a result, you can create highly efficient and responsive online stores within your budget.

    #2 – Customize your online StoreFront

    The first impression is the best impression! This is a fitting quote for your StoreFront. Woocommerce in WordPress lets you customize your StoreFront with attractive and sensible themes. It offers 40+ free themes that increase your website’s conversion rate. If you’re a beginner with little CSS and HTML knowledge, then Woocommerce is the best platform for your WordPress website.

    #3 – Built-in features and advanced plugins

    Woo-Commerce is filled with tons of built-in features and plugins to make your WordPress website more flexible and attractive. Some features are – i) Pre-installed payment gateway to accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, and more. ii) Options to support various currencies & geolocation. iii) Easy e-store management to add/update product details and much more.

    #4 – SEO friendly platform

    To get your website ranked in the search engine result, SEO is really important. Naturally, WordPress and Woo-Commerce are SEO-friendly, and it makes the website rank in a better position in the SERP with increased organic traffic. To be precise, WooCommerce in WordPress helps you optimize your website for search engines. You get potential customers in return.

    #5 – Scope for marketing

    There is no use of online presence if you don’t market your products. Woo-Commerce really helps you sell your products and services via multiple promotional features. For example, you can attract more customers by adding discount options, running coupon campaigns, and promoting your products on sale. In addition, plug-ins like Newsletter subscriptions, Coupon pop, Follow up emails, and more are available.

    #6 – Easy inventory management

    Using the built-in inventory management features, you can identify and track stock levels. Moreover, WooCommerce has an automated service for hiding out-of-stock products from the dashboard. And, it is easy to manage refunds, orders, emails, and stocks all in one place.

    #7 – Built-in analytics

    WooCommerce comes with built-in analytics to assess the performance of your website in terms of revenue, marketing, conversion rates, and more. The analytical reports are intuitive and presented in graphs to get a clear picture of how customers interact with the store.

    #8 – Strong cybersecurity

    Security plays a vital role in online stores, where thousands of transactions and payments happen daily. Woo-Commerce offers the utmost security and protection to your website.

    Want to build a WordPress website with WooCommerce? – Reach Zaigo Infotech

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    10 Best Web Development Technologies To Use In 2021

    Every day, thousands of websites are being launched providing services/products the same as you. Yes, you read that right! Just think of the competition in this market, but do not worry about that. If your website is up to date with cutting-edge technologies, you can stand out from the crowd. There are many web development technologies that help a web developer to build websites for increased customer traction.
    Want to explore the top 10 web development technologies in 2021? Here it is! This blog is all about trending technologies and how they help skyrocket your customer experience when using your website. You should also look for these technical skills in web developers while hiring.

    #1 Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    PWAs are the new-age apps to use on desktops and mobile devices with advanced user experience. To be precise, PWAs are a combination of traditional web pages and native apps.

    • Key Features – High responsiveness, Browser & Device compatibility, Offline accessibility
    • Technologies used – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and React
    • Brands using PWAs – Flipkart & Forbes


    #2 AI-Powered chatbots

    Using AI-powered chatbots in websites, you can quickly solve your customer’s problem 24/7. It also helps in understanding the user behavior and enhances the user experience.

    • Key Features – Auto-response, 24/7 problem-solving potential
    • Technologies – Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI-based behavior analysis, data encryption, and Named Entity Recognition (NER)
    • Brands using Artificial Intelligence and bots – Messenger, Skype, FaceBook


    #3 Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity is vital to tackle Data Breaches, Phishing, or Malware attacks. It helps you safeguard the website and data collected during the transaction over the internet.

    • Key Features – Application security, Network security, Cloud security
    • Technologies used – Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Zero-Trust Model
    • Brands using Cybersecurity – Microsoft, IBM


    #4 Mobile-First Approach

    More than 50% of the internet traffic is from mobile devices. So, always build mobile-friendly applications with intuitive interfaces and features to help your customers buy products at ease.

    • Key Features – Seamless user experience, SEO-friendly
    • Technologies used – Swift, Java, Appcelerator, RhoMobile
    • Brands using Mobile-First Approach – Most eCommerce Websites, including Flipkart, Amazon


    #5 Dark & Light Mode UX

    This is a buzzing web development trend in the past few years. This is because it gives a sophisticated look to the website. For example, Dark-themed UI reduces eye strain, and users can switch between Dark & Light mode at any time.

    • Key Features – Power-saving, Ultra-modern look, reduces eye strain
    • Technologies used – Contrast Ratio, Tanaguru Contrast Finder
    • Brands using Dark Modes – Google, Watsapp, Twitter


    #6 Voice User Interface (UI)

    Voice UI lets users voice search instead of typing what they are searching for. Every day, voice UI-enabled websites are increasing, and users find them more accessible & simpler to use.

    • Key Features – Eyes-free, hands-free
    • Technologies – Natural Language Processing (NLP),
    • Brands using Voice UI – Apple, Amazon, Google


    #7 Single Page Websites (SPWs)

    The name implies that every content will fit on a single page, and users perform all actions on one page. This reduces complexity, and it is easier to use, and provides a hassle-free experience.

    • Key Features – All in a single page, seamless user experience
    • Technologies used – JavaScript, Jason, Angular
    • Brands using SWPs – Gmail, Airbnb, PayPal


    #8 3D Visuals

    3D visuals are one of the trending web development technologies. When you use 3D visuals, websites become more attractive, offering a real-time experience to users. Dedicated 3D designers and web developers can help you with this.

    • Key Features – Aesthetic user interface, seamless user experience,
    • Technologies used – CAD, animation software
    • Brands using 3Ds – Almost all top brands


    #9 Blockchain Technology

    The blockchain uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that maintains transparency by recording all transactions. Apart from cryptocurrency, blockchain is impacting the web development field widely.

    • Key Features – Secure, Decentralised model, Transparency
    • Technologies used – Peer-to-peer Architecture, Cryptographic keys
    • Brands using SWPs – IBM, Spotify, Mythical Games


    #10 Serverless Application

    We can say Serverless Architecture is the future of web development. We can replace servers with clouds, avoiding data loss, overloading, and more.

    • Key Features – Cost-effective, improves the flexibility of applications
    • Technologies used – Function-as-a-Service (FaaS), Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), Serverless Database.
    • Brands using SWPs – Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure


    How Zaigo Infotech helps you build websites with cutting-edge technologies?

    Zaigo Infotech is one of the leading software companies helping businesses create their dream websites. Our web developers are well trained in developing web applications using cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, Voice search, cybersecurity, and more.
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