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    Best tips to hire Full Stack Developers for your Web Development Project in 2021

    Best tips to hire Full Stack Developers for your Web Development Project in 2021

    What’s better than hiring versatile developers for your web development project?


    When saying versatile developers, every company’s first choice would be full-stack developers because these developers are well-equipped in both frontend and backend web development. Hire full-stack developers, and they will be an asset to any web development.


    Are you planning to hire remote developers for your web development project? Here’s a complete guide with tips to hire dedicated developers in 2021.


    Let’s start with what full-stack development is, what full-stack developers do. Also, how they add value to your remote team.


    What is full-stack development and developers?

    To understand the role of full-stack developers better, we must first know the layers in web applications. There are three different layers in web development:


    • Presentation layer
    • Application Layer
    • Data layer.


    Frontend development – It involves the development of a Presentation layer where users interact.


    Backend development – It involves the development of the Application layer and the Data layer that handles business logic and data, respectively.


    Precisely, full-stack developers are techies who can handle both frontend and backend development. Both combine to form a Full Stack Technology. In addition, these top off-shore developers are well-versed in many coding languages so, they can build scalable and flexible web applications.


    When you hire full stack developers, you don’t need a separate team for web development. They will take care of every aspect of web development. This leads to cost-cutting as well as improves the quality of work.


    Top Full Stack Technologies

    Considering this pandemic, hiring remote developers is the best choice. However, to hire dedicated developers, you must know the skillsets your developers should possess. Every full stack developer should be well-versed in one of the following Full Stack Technologies.


    Here’s the list of top tech stacks:


    1. MEAN


    The MEAN stack consists of JavaScript technologies for both the front end and back end. And, the underlying programs are free and open-source. This technology helps dedicated developers to build scalable web applications. MEAN consists of the following:


    • MongoDB is a NoSQL database
    • Express.js for backend frameworks
    • Angular.js for front-end frameworks
    • NodeJS is an open-source & cross-platform server


    Many remote developers specialized in this technology are available to hire at affordable prices.


    2. LAMP


    The LAMP developers are also referred to as PHP developers. This stack model is used to develop scalable web applications on LINUX operating system. LAMP stands for the following:


    • Linux
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • PHP


    Hire full stack developers having technical expertise in this model.


    Technical Languages for Full Stack Developers


    As we mentioned earlier, full stack developers should have hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end development. They are the dedicated developers to write codes for both front and back end in different computer languages. The below section explains the languages that should be known by remote developers you recruit.


    Front-end (client-side) languages


    The client-side involves the User Interface part of the web application. The codes used for this development are JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These programming languages play a vital role in the look and feel of the web application. Therefore, make sure you hire remote developers with technical expertise in these languages.


    Back-end (server-side) languages


    The server-side involves the back-end process, which is the functional part of the web application. The coding languages used for this development are Python, C#, .NET, PHP, Java, Ruby, and more. Among these programming languages, PHP has more benefits. Hire PHP developers for your next project as it is open-source and offers increased productivity. Zaigo Infotech has a team of experienced PHP developers to develop your dream project..


    Top 5 Benefits in hiring remote full-stack developers


    There are plenty of advantages in hiring full-stack developers. Here are the top 5 benefits.


    • Knowledge of both front-end and backend development
    • Ability to develop Minimum Viable Product
    • Cost-effective
    • Timely delivery of products
    • Can work independently


    When should you hire remote full stack developers?


    It is usually a better idea to hire dedicated developers for full stack technology. So, here are the situations when you should hire remote full-stack developers.


    When you’re starting a web application project from scratch – Full stack developers are an asset in the initial stage of web development. They are well-versed in strategizing and building the right solution.


    When you have less budget – If you hire remote developers, you can reduce the cost. Moreover, full stack developers can manage the whole developmental process with less supervision. As a result, they can excellently build Minimum Viable Product (MVP).


    When you look for top off-shore developers – You have the freedom to hire remote web developers from different parts of the world. There are millions of off-shore developers to choose from, and you can easily hire one at reasonable compensation.


    How to hire remote full-stack developers?

    You need the right people around to take your business to the next level. Therefore, follow the proper steps to hire web developers. Below is the checklist to hire dedicated remote developers.


    • Define your requirements and be clear in what you want to build.
    • Conduct structured interviews to assess technical expertise.
    • Check if your hires can fit your culture.
    • Ability to work with team members.
    • Ability to deal with uncertainty.


    How Zaigo Infotech help you with remote full stack developers?


    Better teams develop better solutions! Unfortunately, finding top web developers is often a complicated process, and running behind every candidate will make you tired.


    When Zaigo Infotech is here to assist you, why should you search anywhere else? We are a leading web application development company building scalable applications. Our hiring process is well-structured, and we have formed a word-class remote web developers team. Our full-stack developers have hands-on experience in a variety of Full Stack Technologies. So hire our full stack developers and let us develop your dream applications!


    At Zaigo Infotech, we believe in quality over everything. That’s why we have many returning customers—quality and commitment towards what we do make us the best app development company.


    Why wait? Connect with us today to get started with your web application project!


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