Best White Label SaaS Software Development to Increase Revenue

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    20 Best White Label Saas Software Development Services To Increase The Agency Revenue

    White Labeling Saas Software Dvelopment and Service to Increase Revenue

    If you are looking for the best White Label SaaS cloud application development services for your company? You are at the right place. White Labels are unbranded, reusable software that you as a company can get from a provider and can rebrand, and resell to your clients with a great profit margin.

    Advantages of White Label SaaS software development
    1. Time-saving: If you want to build software from scratch, it takes a lot of time and effort. At the same time, the White Label SaaS is a pre-created software where you can easily load all the data that you want and customize it as per your wish and make it your own.

    2. Scaling: With the White Label platform comes a lot of benefits. You can scale it as your business grows, as you can easily incorporate new services or add-ons.

    3. Customized solutions: With the White Label platform, you can customize your platform as per your need and provide custom-made solutions for each and every client.

    4. Ownership: Although you don’t develop them from scratch, you can still call them your own and you have 100% ownership which is great for your brand. So people who trust you and your brand buy them without any second thought.

    5. Cost Cutting: While developing software or service from scratch, when things go wrong, you need experts to help you figure it out, which means you need to shell out a lot of money as their pay. Whereas with White Labels, the service provider takes entire care, which saves you a ton of money.

    20 Best white label SaaS software development services to increase the agency revenue

    1. ActiveCampaign

    ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation software that is very popular and is used by a lot of brands to grow their brand and increase their revenue. Almost every company needs a CRM for their business, and ActiveCampagn is a great choice.

    With ActiveCampaign, you can easily pull info from multiple social media which helps automate your marketing needs. ActiveCampaign lets you customize the domain, logo, buttons and etc.., according to your requirements.

    ActiveCampaign also comes with a 14-day trial period which you can avail of and see if it works for you. If you are looking for a marketing automation white label, ActiveCampaign is a great option for you.

    2. Simvoly

    Simvoly is one of the most famous White label websites and funnel builders that is available in the market. With Simvoly, you can 100% customize the website according to your requirements which is a big plus.

    Simvoly also comes with more than 500 templates for funnels and website building which your clients can choose from. Simvoly is one of the affordable white-label platform options that are available in the market. Since simvoly lets you and your clients build funnels and websites, it directly involves generating more revenue for both the agency as well as your client.

    3. Unlayer

    Unlayer is one of the best Email editing White label software in recent times. Email marketing has become one of the main parts of digital marketing, and to have an automated Email template that is beautiful to look at all the browsers and is very responsive.

    Drafting an email for every single customer or client is really time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Here is where the Unlayer comes in handy and has a lot of email and landing page templates you can choose from.

    4. TeamWave

    If you are looking for White Label software that is suitable for small businesses, then TeamWave is a great fit for you. It is a CRM, project management, and HRM software for small businesses. Creating software from scratch takes a lot of time, and you need a dedicated resource to develop it for you. Whereas TeamWave is pre-equipped with all the stuff that you need as a small business to keep track of your projects and CRM management.

    5. InboxArmy

    InboxArmy is an Email marketing agency that helps you with Email marketing and helps generate more revenue through sales. Email marketing and newsletters are trending these days, and having to do it by yourself is a task in itself. InboxArmy does all the backend email marketing work for you and helps your business grow,

    6. Sendible

    Sendible is a Social media management white-label platform in one place. If you are active on more than one social media platform, which you should be, Sensible manages all of it and provides info about them all under a single dashboard. It lets you schedule posts and schedule and draft messages, all under a single platform. With sendible, you can easily analyze how a post is doing on any social media platform with just a click of a button which saves you a lot of time and, in turn, saves money too.

    7. Rankur

    If you are someone who owns a blog or needs reviews of blogs and other written media, then Rankur is the one for you. Rankur analyses written content on all social media platforms. It has a dashboard that provides all info about the geographic details, age group, gender, and interests of people who could be your ideal clients, through which you can provide targeted ads and content and generate revenue through sales.

    8. Vendasta

    If you are a small business and are looking for an end-to-end White Label platform, then Vendasta is the best option for you. With Vendasta, you get access to everything that you, as an agency or a small business, need to run your business successfully and generate your revenue, all under one roof. From Payment gateway to managing your team and upselling your services, it has them all.

    9. Mention

    A mention is a white-label software that lets you monitor all of your social media accounts under a single roof. It provides you with ideas and strategies by analyzing what people like, what people discuss, and what is trending, which helps you generate more sales, thus resulting in more revenue.

    10. AuthorityLabs

    AuthorityLabs is one of the top cloud-based search engines that is available in the market and is also used by a lot of top businesses and agencies. It is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses to analyze the ranking of their websites in all different search engines. It provides insights into how the site is performing, which helps the business grow.

    11. SalesPype

    If you are looking for a sales CRM white-label software, then SalesPype is the perfect fit for you. SalesPype is an all-in-one platform that provides you with all the tools . From Sales pipelines, Forms, surveys, email marketing, etc.., all under a single roof. With all the tools that it provides, it helps convert your prospect into clients and helps you generate more revenue.


    ProfitBooks is an all-in-one accounting software that helps you in tracking all things money without any prior accounting knowledge whatsoever. It keeps track of all the expenses, lets you create invoices, share transaction details, and receive payments. It also helps you track all the inventory, low stock reports, and so on under a single platform making it easier for you to manage your business.

    13. Ecwid

    Ecwid is a white Label online selling platform that lets you create your own store and start selling your products online easily. It lets you sell across different platforms like amazon and Etsy and syncs them all for you. It uses Facebook and other social media ads to help attract more customers to your store, thus resulting in more revenue. With Ecwid, you can manage all of your store-related stuff in a single dashboard which makes it even more convenient,

    14. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is an online marketing platform that helps you with all things related to marketing for your business. From email marketing to push notifications to WhatsApp campaigns to anything and everything that you need in order to run your business in a profitable way. It helps you with chatbots, and sales CRM, keeps track of all the transactions, etc.., making it easier for you to run your business.

    15. Moosend

    Moosend is an online email marketing and white-label automation agency that creates more revenue through increased sales. It helps you create a personalized newsletter for every subscriber, and it creates top-notch, beautiful newsletters that attract readers. It has beautiful-looking landing pages that easily convert your reader into your customers, thus generating revenue.

    16. SocialPilot

    SocialPilot is a social media marketing white-label software that lets you access and manages all of your social media platforms under a single dashboard From customizing posts to scheduling the posts, providing analytics of each and every post that you make, the engagement on the posts, and whatnot. It is a one-stop place for all your social media marketing needs to increase the revenue of your business.

    17. WotNot

    WotNot is one of the most popular white-label Chatbot software that lets you create chatbots for your websites. With the development in technology, chatbots are one of the recent yet useful innovations, and it has made the job of the customer support team faster and more efficient as the bot reply to customers’ queries almost instantly.

    18. Howuku

    Howuku is a Whitelabel site optimization software that lets you optimize your site and helps your business grow. It lets you hear about what your target audience talks about and what they like through surveys and polls and lets you create targeted ads and content that helps convert your leads as clients.


    If you are looking for a white-label client portal that has all the features, is the best option for you. It creates a branded mobile app specifically created for your business that is safe and user-friendly. Your employees and clients can download the app and share resources, files, and other things in the app. It also lets you message privately and is 100% safe to use.

    20. Weblium

    Weblium is an online website-building platform that helps you create websites for yourself or your clients in just a blink of an eye. It also helps you with landing pages, creating an online store, a Business card website, and so on. It also helps you create free websites with no time for NGOs and other charitable trusts.

    Weblium has a lot of templates for tour websites which you can choose from for all industries. Pick the template that you like and make edits, and you are done with your brand-new, great-looking website.


    Now that you have an idea of all the top white-label SaaS software development platforms for your brand, it is your choice to select the best out of the lot. To land on the perfect White Label, all that you need to do is:

    1. List down all of your needs and requirements and things that you are looking for from the White label service provider.
    2. Do your research and make sure you read everything about their reviews and ratings before you finalize.
    3. Make sure you choose the one that is scalable as your business grows.

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