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    Know About MVP Software Development: Benefits and User Experience

    Let’s imagine a scenario,

    You have a marvelous idea for an app that will transform the user’s life. You go to a software product development company, spend all your savings, and insert all the top-notch features you want.

    Your dream app is now available on the market with its dreamy features and exquisite designs. Only to fall short as it fails to help your users with the basic features they need and to address their pain points.

    That is where MVP comes into play.

    Despite what the term signifies, MVP software development is an approach to developing a production-ready product. A good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) has fundamental features and addresses users’ pain points.

    Building an MVP validates your product, gives a lot of room for improvement based on your users’ suggestions, and helps you reach the market faster.

    What is MVP Software Development?

    A minimum viable product, or MVP, is the basic version of your tech product. This version has fundamental features that offer solutions to users’ needs. With the help of your MVP, you can get feedback from your customers and continuously improve the product according to their requirements.

    The fundamental concept of MVP development is to take your idea to market faster and validate your ideas without wasting all your money. MVP software development employs agile methodology to reach end users as soon as possible.

    How to Build an MVP?

    Building an MVP is not a piece of cake and demands a lot of work. As aforementioned, an MVP is a basic, launchable version of your market product.

    For MVP development, you should hire experienced developers for outstanding results. At Zaigo, we provide custom software product development services with tried and proven MVP development strategy.

    Follow these steps to build a cost-effective MVP.

    • Begin by conducting market research.
    • Define your idea.
    • Select the best MVP approach.
    • Find Your Ideal Clientele
    • Analyze the Pain-and-Gain Map
    • Prioritize the App features
    • Build your MVP.
    • Create, Test, and Learn


    How to Prioritize Features for Your MVP?

    Do you know?

    90% of startups fail because they don’t understand how to use a minimum viable product (MVP) to invent products that customers love to have.

    Because it only serves the basic and core functionality features, an MVP is never a place to dump all your dreamy features. It is critical to distinguish between the wants and needs of features to include in the MVP development process.

    • Research the market and your target audience.
    • List down the elements you’d love to have.
    • Divide the features into needs and wants.
    • Put needs and requirements first.
    • Then add other features one by one.


    While choosing the features, remember that they’re only for the small community of the target audience and not for the broader base to function at a high level.

    Choose the minimum features that provide the best solution for your potential customers without compromising the user experience.

    Benefits of MVP

    MVP development has considerable benefits. But the significant advantages are validating ideas, reducing risks, delivering value faster, and ensuring cost efficiency.

    • Ensuring Cost-efficiency
    • Faster Release
    • Room for evolution
    • Reduced engineering hours
    • Constant updates as per feedback
    • Attract investors


    Ensuring Cost-efficiency

    Building an MVP doesn’t require enormous work because it arrives with minimal features and viable functionality. Even if there is an error or fault, you can analyze, measure, and evolve based on the requirements.

    Faster Release

    If you utilize the MVP method wisely, you can launch your final product without worrying about anything. The product will be risk-free as you build it with constant feedback at every step. Zaigo is a custom software development company that provides quality software product development services to take your idea to market faster and safer with MVP software development methods.

    Room For Evolution

    Unlike other software development processes, the minimum viable product development procedure is progressive, thus allowing you to improve the quality of the product per the market’s demands.

    Reduced Engineering Functions

    Practicing a gradual process in MVP for software development permits us to minimize the amount of rework and feature rebuilding.

    Constant Updates As Per Feedback

    The most beneficial thing about MVP for software development is that you can build a better final product with the help of your end users’ tangible and reliable feedback.

    Attract Investors

    It’s easy to attract investors when you have a functional MVP of your idea. It improves your credibility in the market. As you’ve already entered the market, it’s easy to attract investors and increase the chances of funding. That is because you have market validation and potential customers for the product you aim to launch.

    MVP & User Experience

    50% of apps are uninstalled within a month of being downloaded, according to AppsFlyer.

    The one thing that you shouldn’t compromise on in a product is the user experience. The primary purpose of the user experience is to retain customers by providing value.

    MVP development analyzes the product’s capabilities through engagement, longevity, and lifetime value. With MVP, you can measure how a customer interacts with the product to analyze how quickly they understand the purpose of your app. Based on the data, you can improve the functionality and provide a better user experience.

    Final Thoughts

    MVP software development is a continuous process of testing, measuring, improving, iterating, and evolving. MVP development is a great advantage only if executed correctly.

    Many successful startups were once MVPs. If you still doubt developing an MVP, look at the successful MVPs that turned the digital world upside down.

    Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, Buffer, Twitter, Uber, iPhone, Spotify, Zappos, and Dropbox were once MVPs. And fortunately, at Zaigo, we have a team to help you accomplish that. Join us to create your MVP.

    How SaaS Application Development Saves You Time And Money

    Active Campaign

    Ever questioned what SaaS application development stands for? The potential to use technology to save money and time is among the most beneficial features of business operations in the digital age. To fulfill corporate expectations, several sectors are starting to hunt for innovative software. The entirety of the tech industry will be centered on SaaS application development services by 2023.

    The usage of SaaS applications has grown quickly during the past ten years. Like many other business software development trends, SaaS has developed into a jargon that is difficult to understand and harder to ignore. This type of software distribution exposes you to cutting-edge technologies within a predetermined budget. SaaS application development lets your organization save money while maintaining a high level of flexibility with comprehensive expert support.

    You may get several advantages by moving your infrastructure into the cloud. One thing to keep in mind while considering SaaS app development is that it will surely save you time and money. Let’s discuss each advantage of SaaS for your company now.

    Shorter Duration

    Setting it up and installing it takes very little time. Installation becomes difficult and time-consuming with so many applications. SaaS application development services take care of all of that for you. The product is pre-installed when you buy it. SaaS fulfills the need to minimize installation time to the greatest extent possible.

    Total Cost Savings

    Saving time nearly always results in financial savings. For SaaS software development products, the same holds true. Since there is no installing time, you save time in addition to enjoying additional benefits and cheaper licensing expenses. Since it might be challenging to save money, company owners hunt for perks like these and must take advantage of them when they are discovered.

    Data From Analysis

    Businesses may obtain data reporting and intelligence capabilities by using SaaS software development offerings. These tools are helpful since they may provide a wealth of information about a business. This feature of the software helps highlight the firm’s assets and liabilities as well as prospective improvement opportunities.


    You’re probably seeking anything that is always accessible and readily available if you’re looking for a product to simplify things for your business. SaaS software development-based products are the answer. As long as you have access to the Internet and your device can operate these items, they are accessible every day of the week, all day long.

    3 Ways SaaS Management Systems Limit Unnecessary SaaS Costs

    No organization should put up with unnecessary expenditure, not even in a universe of almost limitless riches. To avoid the following, all companies should implement an SMP for complete visibility.

    The Same SaaS Software is Utilized by Many Teams and Users Under Various Accounts

    You lose out on corporate bulk price savings, which are a pretty simple method to save money when numerous teams register for the same software independently. Furthermore, you’re probably missing out on the desired SaaS tiers’ offers, functionality, and support. You’ll be able to merge many accounts for better deals with greater insights provided by an SMP.

    Numerous SaaS Solutions For The Exact Same Use Case

    Along with the aforementioned advantages, you also miss out on SaaS app standardization-related efficiencies like user and IT efficiency. With the help of an SMP, you may standardize the most popular SaaS programs and increase IT productivity.

    Underutilized and Unused SaaS Applications

    If your company is typical, 10% of the apps have not been touched in the past 90 days, and 15% have not been used in the past 30 days. You may cease paying for applications that are not used at all or infrequently by employees thanks to complete visibility into employee SaaS web development uptake and insightful data. Additionally, you may create a workflow that ensures no time is wasted by the IT staff by utilizing alerts and automation.

    Leverage SMP For User Lifecycle Management To Maximize IT Efficiency

    This encompasses the transitions made throughout the mid-lifecycle between onboarding and offboarding.

    Automated onboarding produces amazing new employee experiences and Day One preparedness. IT teams may effectively move new hires from acceptance of an offer through their first days at work by setting up customized automated procedures. Workflows that supply a new user’s apps, issue rights, share documents, and folders, add users to groups and projects, and more can be activated by human resources or IT with a few straightforward steps. Efficiency is increased by simplified mid-lifecycle change automation. Employees take long periods of absence or switch roles. Workflows may be used by IT to quickly and easily alter rights and reassign resources. Both automated alarms and audit logs—which both save IT time—communicate that the transfer has been completed.

    Offboarding that is automated saves time and hassle. Offboarding entails a complex set of procedures that must be finished quickly. One user must be offboarded in an average of more than 7 hours. In to automatically deactivate app and user access, transfer data, log all activities for monitoring and compliance, and keep and subsequently destroy files in accordance with security policy, the finest SaaS web development management systems perform workflows. All of this results in substantial time savings and improved IT efficiency.

    Offboarding that is automated saves time and hassle. Offboarding entails a complex set of procedures that must be finished quickly. One user must be offboarded in an average of more than 7 hours. In to automatically deactivate app and user access, transfer data, log all activities for monitoring and compliance, and keep and subsequently destroy files in accordance with security policy, the finest SaaS web development management systems perform workflows. All of this results in substantial time savings and improved IT efficiency.

    Overall, SaaS application development services increase IT productivity and free up IT time. Centralized administration makes it simple to automate routine processes and get rid of tedious, repetitive manual labor. Teams focus on what is most crucial and really do more with less.

    20 Best White Label Software Development Services To Increase The Agency Revenue

    If you are looking for the best White Label software development services for your company? You are at the right place. White Labels are unbranded, reusable software that you as a company can get from a provider and can rebrand, and resell to your clients with a great profit margin.

    Advantages of White Label software development


    If you want to build software from scratch, it takes a lot of time and effort. At the same time, the White Label SaaS is a pre-created software where you can easily load all the data that you want and customize it as per your wish and make it your own.


    With the White Label platform comes a lot of benefits. You can scale it as your business grows, as you can easily incorporate new services or add-ons.

    Customized Solutions

    With the White Label platform, you can customize your platform as per your need and provide custom-made solutions for each and every client.


    Although you don’t develop them from scratch, you can still call them your own and you have 100% ownership which is great for your brand. So people who trust you and your brand buy them without any second thought.

    Cost Cutting

    While developing software or service from scratch, when things go wrong, you need experts to help you figure it out, which means you need to shell out a lot of money as their pay. Whereas with White Labels, the service provider takes entire care, which saves you a ton of money.

    20 Best White Label Software Development Services to Increase the Agency Revenue


    ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation software that is very popular and is used by a lot of brands to grow their brand and increase their revenue. Almost every company needs a CRM for their business, and ActiveCampagn is a great choice.

    With ActiveCampaign, you can easily pull info from multiple social media which helps automate your marketing needs. ActiveCampaign lets you customize the domain, logo, buttons and etc.., according to your requirements.

    ActiveCampaign also comes with a 14-day trial period which you can avail of and see if it works for you. If you are looking for a marketing automation white label, ActiveCampaign is a great option for you.


    Simvoly is one of the most famous White label websites and funnel builders that is available in the market. With Simvoly, you can 100% customize the website according to your requirements which is a big plus.

    Simvoly also comes with more than 500 templates for funnels and website building which your clients can choose from. Simvoly is one of the affordable white-label platform options that are available in the market. Since Simvoly lets you and your clients build funnels and websites, it directly involves generating more revenue for both the agency as well as your client.


    Unlayer is one of the best Email editing White label software in recent times. Email marketing has become one of the main parts of digital marketing, and to have an automated Email template that is beautiful to look at all the browsers and is very responsive.

    Drafting an email for every single customer or client is really time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Here is where the Unlayer comes in handy and has a lot of email and landing page templates you can choose from.

    Team Wave

    If you are looking for White Label software that is suitable for small businesses, then TeamWave is a great fit for you. It is a CRM, project management, and HRM software for small businesses. Creating software from scratch takes a lot of time, and you need a dedicated resource to develop it for you. Whereas TeamWave is pre-equipped with all the stuff that you need as a small business to keep track of your projects and CRM management.

    Inbox Army

    InboxArmy is an Email marketing agency that helps you with Email marketing and helps generate more revenue through sales. Email marketing and newsletters are trending these days, and having to do it by yourself is a task in itself. InboxArmy does all the backend email marketing work for you and helps your business grow,


    Sendible is a Social media management white-label platform in one place. If you are active on more than one social media platform, which you should be, Sensible manages all of it and provides info about them all under a single dashboard. It lets you schedule posts and schedule and draft messages, all under a single platform. With Sendible, you can easily analyze how a post is doing on any social media platform with just a click of a button which saves you a lot of time and, in turn, saves money too.


    If you are someone who owns a blog or needs reviews of blogs and other written media, then Rankur is the one for you. Rankur analyses written content on all social media platforms. It has a dashboard that provides all info about the geographic details, age group, gender, and interests of people who could be your ideal clients, through which you can provide targeted ads and content and generate revenue through sales.


    If you are a small business and are looking for an end-to-end White Label platform, then Vendasta is the best option for you. With Vendasta, you get access to everything that you, as an agency or a small business, need to run your business successfully and generate your revenue, all under one roof. From Payment gateway to managing your team and upselling your services, it has them all.


    A mention is a white-label software that lets you monitor all of your social media accounts under a single roof. It provides you with ideas and strategies by analyzing what people like, what people discuss, and what is trending, which helps you generate more sales, thus resulting in more revenue.


    AuthorityLabs is one of the top cloud-based search engines that is available in the market and is also used by a lot of top businesses and agencies. It is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses to analyze the ranking of their websites in all different search engines. It provides insights into how the site is performing, which helps the business grow.


    If you are looking for a sales CRM white-label software, then SalesPype is the perfect fit for you. SalesPype is an all-in-one platform that provides you with all the tools. From Sales pipelines, Forms, surveys, email marketing, etc.., all under a single roof. With all the tools that it provides, it helps convert your prospect into clients and helps you generate more revenue.


    ProfitBooks is an all-in-one accounting software that helps you in tracking all things money without any prior accounting knowledge whatsoever. It keeps track of all the expenses, lets you create invoices, share transaction details, and receive payments. It also helps you track all the inventory, low stock reports, and so on under a single platform making it easier for you to manage your business.


    Ecwid is a white Label online selling platform that lets you create your own store and start selling your products online easily. It lets you sell across different platforms like Amazon and Etsy and syncs them all for you. It uses Facebook and other social media ads to help attract more customers to your store, thus resulting in more revenue. With Ecwid, you can manage all of your store-related stuff in a single dashboard which makes it even more convenient,


    Sendinblue is an online marketing platform that helps you with all things related to marketing for your business. From email marketing to push notifications to WhatsApp campaigns to anything and everything that you need in order to run your business in a profitable way. It helps you with chatbots, and sales CRM, keeps track of all the transactions, etc.., making it easier for you to run your business.


    Moosend is an online email marketing and white-label automation agency that creates more revenue through increased sales. It helps you create a personalized newsletter for every subscriber, and it creates top-notch, beautiful newsletters that attract readers. It has beautiful-looking landing pages that easily convert your reader into your customers, thus generating revenue.


    SocialPilot is a social media marketing white-label software that lets you access and manages all of your social media platforms under a single dashboard From customizing posts to scheduling the posts, providing analytics of each and every post that you make, the engagement on the posts, and whatnot. It is a one-stop place for all your social media marketing needs to increase the revenue of your business.


    WotNot is one of the most popular white-label Chatbot software that lets you create chatbots for your websites. With the development in technology, chatbots are one of the recent yet useful innovations, and it has made the job of the customer support team faster and more efficient as the bot replies to customers’ queries almost instantly.


    Howuku is a Whitelabel site optimization software that lets you optimize your site and helps your business grow. It lets you hear about what your target audience talks about and what they like through surveys and polls and lets you create targeted ads and content that helps convert your leads as clients.

    If you are looking for a white-label client portal that has all the features, is the best option for you. It creates a branded mobile app specifically created for your business that is safe and user-friendly. Your employees and clients can download the app and share resources, files, and other things in the app. It also lets you message privately and is 100% safe to use.


    Weblium is an online website-building platform that helps you create websites for yourself or your clients in just a blink of an eye. It also helps you with landing pages, creating an online store, a Business card website, and so on. It also helps you create free websites with no time for NGOs and other charitable trusts.

    Weblium has a lot of templates for tour websites which you can choose from for all industries. Pick the template that you like and make edits, and you are done with your brand-new, great-looking website.


    Now that you have an idea of all the top white-label software development platforms for your brand, it is your choice to select the best out of the lot. To land on the perfect White Label, all that you need to do is:

    1. List down all of your needs and requirements and things that you are looking for from the white-label software development services provider.
    2. Do your research and make sure you read everything about their reviews and ratings before you finalize.
    3. Make sure you choose the one that is scalable as your business grows.

    Top 10 SaaS Marketing Strategies For Your Business

    Proven SaaS Marketing Strategies

    Owning the “No.1 Workable Strategy” for SaaS solutions is one of the big challenges for even the top digital marketing services.

    We are going to discuss the top 10 powerful SaaS strategies that convert. Some of these are very obvious while some are twisted with bold takes. Selling SaaS products is complex as most of them are not tangible and are built with different features. That’s where the specialization of a digital marketing company comes in. Hence, the messaging should be simple and catchy enough for the target audience to get the ability of SaaS products in solving their problems.

    It is all gonna be fiercely competitive and innovative to win customers.

    Let’s dive into the “Top 10 Killer SaaS Marketing Strategies” blueprinted by top digital marketing companies.

    Limited Customer Choice

    It is great to provide SaaS customers with all possible options, right?
    Wrong! Many proven strategies vote for simplified and limited choices to get better conversions.

    Offering limited choices pays dividends for the moment. In fact, “SaaS pricing” is a whole topic that determines which pricing model is the best such as flat-rate pricing, usage-based pricing, tiered pricing, per-user pricing, per active user pricing, per-feature pricing, freemium model, and so on.

    A moderate “market-standard” pricing will work effectively against competitors and prevent you from going bankrupt.

    Be Transparent About Pricing

    However good the idea is to presumably make a ladder of customer’s interest in the service before revealing the final price, it will definitely reduce customer acquisition as the lack of transparency can be frustrating to the majority of customers.

    Also, it might make your prospective customer suspicious about your SaaS product in general.

    Leveraging with Freemium or Free Trial

    Freemium models are the tower of strength in SaaS marketing. Many famous SaaS models must have a free trial. This is a great magnetic marketing technique that will pull the customers to your sales funnels.

    Also, it allows the signed-up users to test the benefits and their features with their business. The whole SaaS sales model is just really like “visitors -> free trial -> paid subscriber”, they don’t have to pay but they eventually will once they see its worth. 75% of the free models are a part of their online marketing strategy.

    If they aren’t motivated to convert, it is the best bet to send an email reminder about the ending of the trial period or irresistible offers for conversions.

    Design an Easier Sign-Up method

    Give the best reasons for your potential users to sign up for your product and make it easily accessible. The subscriber may decide anytime at their decision stage and it shouldn’t be a struggle for signing up for the SaaS model.

    If they are at the decision stage, they might already be aware of the key points of the product by the time they read or watch anything.

    Even after choosing to sign up, there shouldn’t be any big obstacles or a reason for not signing up. Keep the forms simple!

    Include Discounts and Deals

    Deals, discounts, and offers are crucial steps in the whole SaaS marketing strategy. Offers depict that they get to have higher value among the customers. It also works best with upselling and cross-selling.

    While you profit from deals and discounts, make sure you run them only on occasion, or else people might stop perceiving them as a special offer and treat them as a regular price. Offers are common things as it attracts more, but apply them relevantly in your overall marketing strategy (it could be random discounts and offers from a Facebook post too).

    Write Clear CTAs

    A clear call to action (CTAs) on every page of your website makes it as frictionless as possible in the overall customer journey. The most common CTAs are “Pick a Plan” or “Sign Up Free” as your prospective users pass through the websites.

    Sometimes, with just a few clever CTAs, prospective customers might already see themselves at the payment stage without realizing it.

    Make every CTAs trackable and always check where they stop to continue optimizing it.

    Upsell and Cross-Sell

    These two are untapped gold mines that can earn more profits. 44% of SaaS companies get 10% of new revenue from cross-selling and upselling. The idea is to get them upgraded to the highest package possible to their needs, hence the online marketing strategy is gradually taken one step at a time.

    Check if their customers have upgraded to their highest profitable package or if they have subscribed to all your add-ons.

    Build an International Team

    With the emerging SaaS expansion, it makes sense to grow your team to cover the whole world. While the U.S. and Europe seem to lead the industry, it is a great idea to host in growth-intensive markets such as China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

    Setting up local offices in those countries can raise overhead costs. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring people who speak the languages, know the cultural nuances, and can follow the local news to bridge the gap and expand the connections.

    Incentivize Referrals

    Referrals are one of the effective ways to reach new audiences. With just a free month of services, your customers may refer a friend or colleague. Ideally, a long-term subscriber is concluded to love your SaaS platform.

    So it is the best bet to ask for referrals. A referral bonus could be a form of added premium features, subscription discounts, or anything from a full-fledged referral program. If you are making a SaaS B2B online marketing plan, too many upfront steps can derail the process. At the initial stage, ask for as little information to sign up as possible. After your customer is fully committed to your product, you can get the rest of the detailed information from the customer.

    Hijack Online Conversations

    Always start a straightaway conversation with the client on online marketing platforms. This is a common tactic followed by digital marketing services to closely help their prospective customers. It works well because people love interacting in online spaces. Hijacking conversations are usually found in virtual event platforms, chat rooms, etc.

    Conversation strategy should pertain to different prospects that you converse with. Ask, answer, and check their current stage with your product.

    Bonus Tip: Testimonials are a powerful way to attract new customers. Trust ratings evidently push to 19% it also encourages your happy and loyal customers to leave a review for your product.

    As a quick recap, let’s list down the top 10 SaaS marketing strategies that everyone should know about.


    Digital Marketing Strategies for Saas Business


    Every SaaS application development company has its own digital marketing strategy, tactics, success, and performance metrics which are all critical to consider before implementing a strategy or hiring a team of experts from a digital marketing company. At Zaigo Infotech, we curate our strategy for SaaS products on the right channels, contents, and tools that will take your SaaS product. We will use stronger success metrics and track your metrics.

    If it’s too much for your business to handle, our digital marketing services would like to climb you up with our expertized team that converts traffic at multiple channels.

    A SaaS digital marketing company with measurable acquisition metrics, success metrics, and goal-driven online marketing strategies.


    The Top Benefits of Software as a Service ( SaaS ) Business Model

    Software as a Service SaaS applications is a modern way of revolutionizing revenue streams and one of the fastest-growing business delivery models.

    SaaS is largely preferred as it can be charged monthly, per-user basis, or, annually giving it the largest value for money. Some examples of SaaS include Zoom, Slack, Hubspot, Shopify, Dropbox, BigCommerce, and so on. For its supreme benefits, such as flexibility and the ability to scale, data protection and privacy is the downside of it. Yet, SaaS application development is still growing as it enhances the workflow while saving a big fortune on another hand.

    Top Benefits of Saas Business

    In simple words, it works like rentals where you are authorized to use it for a short/agreed period of time.

    Let’s see the top benefits of a software-as-a-service application development business model

    Greater Mobility

    In the post-pandemic era, this has been one of the essential needs to get the convenience of working from anywhere, and on any device. With the SaaS Software Development business model, the user/customers get to enjoy accessibility anywhere with just an internet connection.

    This makes it 10x times easier instead of installing bulky applications or accessing through a VPN. This model supports remote working teams which is one of the popular demands after the Covid-19 impact.

    software as a service application is liked by many for its easier access, time-saving, and effort in adapting new software programs that can solve technical issues quicker, ensure data security, and handle tedious technical tasks. All, in the end, make the workforce assigned to more important business activities.

    Save Millions!

    One of the top noticeable benefits is the cost-saving of the business. It eliminates all the upfront installation software as well as hardware, licensing, upgrade, and maintenance costs. It is a total pay-as-you-go concept where it will allow businesses only for software they use.

    Developing a customized SaaS application can cost a fortune and will burn their pockets. It increases the difficulty level of small and medium-sized businesses leading to getting better SaaS Software Development in this case. It creates a lower threshold with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and yearly packages.

    There is no maintenance cost as all the customers will split the cost in the bill. Hence, this is the reason why it is viewed as a gold mine among startups. It is faster, cheaper, and less labor-intensive and works on all platforms.

    Trial and Testing

    When customers buy SaaS applications, they don’t have to worry about installation, configuration, and maintenance. The end users are saving money in the process allowing the startups with no funds and expertise to start their businesses.

    With the flexibility to test with a free trial, they can continue using it if they require it only for a shorter period of time. Any startup can just pay for a month and try it out.

    In this way, they can completely avoid the IT department for every activity they do.

    Higher Scalability

    SaaS application development is a great advantage for their dynamic workflows which can completely shift and adapt to the changing company’s process and workflow. This saves a lot of time and money that will need to be given to a SaaS software development partner when you can easily shift to a higher plan or a more convenient one.

    It also reduces the time delayed for deployment and starts getting benefits from the business quicker. There is an upturn for Software as a service application creators getting benefitted from having paid a small amount every month rather than always being in a constant hunt to find high-paying customers.

    It offers flexibility that allows users to try the demo/trial version without handing over payment details. This feature is loved by many and works wonders for word of mouth and marketing. Once they are used to your application or see the value it provides, they will most likely pay for the SaaS application, and like the cherry on top, they will recommend it to the other relevant users. It is a perfect ‘nothing to lose’ SaaS marketing strategy which will leverage your SaaS application to more potential buyers. Hard selling is not required in most cases.

    Advanced Customer Support

    Software as a service solutions can provide a guaranteed level of service that can satisfy the demanding needs of the customer. As a result, a SaaS business model in terms of customer support can build stronger relationships and support them up close throughout the service lifecycle.

    The customer support model which provides 99.5% of availability is a super hack business model in any industry. Unlike traditional times, it doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive process anymore, SaaS automation makes it 100x times easier with fewer user interventions and allows less human error with data integrity.

    Safety and Security

    Business information couldn’t be anywhere safer than a SaaS application. Even two geographically separated data centers can act on the same solution ensuring continual services.

    But usually, SaaS application solutions come with the whole package of software that reduces risks. SaaS software development solutions are always backed up with advanced technology. This is the very reason why it is deemed to be the most secure option leading to an expanded market.

    With an increased scalable feature, it helps the business to increase the number of users. And, it also never takes time to get the number of users to expand to your overall business model.

    It is another dimension with adapted cutting-edge technologies with on-demand solutions with a lot of customizations.


    SaaS is the future of computing. SaaS application development done right is a substantial investment that assures greater flexibility to scale and grow. But, it is not fully beneficial, you need to thoroughly research before bringing a SaaS application to the market.

    Too many successful and popular SaaS application development companies have generated enormous revenue to date. If you are looking to create a thriving software-as-a-service application, from scratch.

    At Zaigo Infotech, we carefully analyze, take responsible steps and stay involved in our project to the end, and support further. Zaigo Infotech is a customer-centric SaaS-based web and mobile app development service that increases the company’s growth and earning potential. Contact us to schedule a quick discovery call.


    How to Choose a Reliable SaaS App Development Company

    Finding a good and reliable SaaS app development company can be very challenging!

    SaaS is the largest segment of the public cloud services market which provides equal opportunity for all businesses. It has been a long time since even bigger companies like Microsoft and Adobe are looking in that direction too.

    One of the primary advantages of creating a SaaS application is its auto-update functionality, permanent availability, and no-downtime deployment. It just cannot be easily built, it is a very resource-intensive and time-consuming project while reaping its benefits.

    We have a little guide for you to select your SaaS app development company that will fit your business needs. Before everything, you need to know what are the best features that are found in a reliable SaaS Development Company,


    Features of SaaS application development


    Hopping on to the list of things you need to consider when choosing your technological partner. Let’s see this one by one in brief.

    Know Your Requirements

    Identify your project requirements from the hiring model to budgetary expectations. Know your goals of your app, the type of the app, and the future innovations or additions that may be possible in your industry.

    Here are the types of SaaS Applications you need.

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Accounting Software
    • Project Management Software
    • CMS and E-Commerce Platforms
    • Communication Platforms
    • HR and HRM Solutions
    • Payment Gateways and Billing Solutions

    Always occupy and pre-plan ahead for unexpected budget costs.

    Review Your Top SaaS App Development Company

    Once you have completed the blueprint of your project and its ideation, look for the top SaaS Software Development Services offered in the surrounding areas you are looking for. Browse their review sites, compare them with development companies, and sort out your preferred SaaS app development company.

    Reviews give an outer perspective of how good a company is. Ratings and reviews are a good staging for the overall company’s credibility and reliability. Top review websites like Glassdoor, Clutch, Goodfirms, and many websites with unbiased review platforms are a great place to start your hunt for a good SaaS app development company.

    Evaluate their Technical Expertise

    Usually, SaaS Application Development requires proficiency in the latest and different technologies. It is best to look out for a team of developers with wider technical expertise. Make sure your team has adequate knowledge to develop and design the desired application.

    Look for their expertise in developing cloud software and the complexities of the cloud linked with SaaS products.

    List out the SaaS technologies they have developed till now. Check if they have developed mobile or web applications. If you are building an advanced SaaS Application, then a broader experience in AI, Data Science, ML, etc.

    Check their Project Management Capabilities

    Check their project management capabilities from scratch to end. The SaaS Software Development Services should demonstrate how skilled they are and how they intend to manage it all. As a green flag, pick the companies with no long term contracts. Contracts with low-quality development teams are a big loss.

    Offshoring SaaS development is often a smart and tricky way to the whole development. Quality control check is the one key check you should look out for when hiring an offshore SaaS application development company.

    Learn Their Methodologies and Communication

    A SaaS Application Development Company usually shares their methodologies or process while on the discussion. There are two ways any SaaS Application Development will approach the way you have your SaaS requirement,

    • If the brand has clear objectives, then the SaaS Application Development company handles the projects with various intensities based on inputs.
    • If the brand requires help at every stage, then the SaaS software development works optimize and handle every step in the application development process.

    Communication is a key in choosing a SaaS software development company. Either local or remote, the regular progress reports, and communication. There is a fair chance in choosing a remote or a distantly located SaaS development company. Moreover, check how they react if you leave your feedback during the development process.

    Hire Developers At Your Range

    If you are unsure of which language to choose, then consult with an experienced set of developers who can assist you with coding and maintenance.

    Instead of long contracts, consult, and hire the developers with exactly what the company has expertise in what you’re looking for. Pre-plan your requirements, screening process, communication, project details, and technical expertise, and determine the market reach of the tool beforehand.

    You can fit in your 70% of requirements using the above tips. The rest of the 30% is based on your project requirements and capabilities.

    Bonus Part

    What Are The Possible Risks That You Should Be Aware Of?

    Advanced and Customized Solutions

    SaaS Developers who create customized solutions, especially for something more critical, then the brand will be completely dependent on various technical stuff.

    Security Concern

    Enterprise cloud-based SaaS applications store confidential information outside their servers risking the security.


    Locally installed SaaS applications are vulnerable to internet connectivity and longer loading time to perform its operations.

    Choosing a Trustworthy SaaS Application Development Company

    There are literally too many in this world to just pick one and it is not an easy task.

    With the ever-demand of SaaS applications, any delay or misconception will earn competitors. Therefore it is better to rely on a custom software development company that has the maturity to understand the market trends and ways for growth.

    In that context, Zaigo Infotech is one of the most reliable SaaS application development companies to build your SaaS platform. They handle from business analytics to the development process and completely stay involved until it is released.

    Just like them, make sure to pick a fairly competitive SaaS application that will equally invest in the company’s success.


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