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    DevOps As A Service

    Integrate development and operations using DevOps to transform your IT operations

    Being a DevOps consulting company, we offer unique end-to-end services and solutions with the best DevOps practices for faster development, a quicker market reach, and high-quality applications for you to achieve your business goals quickly. Our certified developers integrate their creativity and technical expertise to provide the best DevOps development services with unmatched quality that meet your customers' expectations.

    Why DevOps Service?

    DevOps Consulting Company With Experts And Specialists

    DevOps is a blend of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) functioning at high technological efficiency to leverage an organization’s productivity. Simply put, DevOps services act like a bridge of communication between your organization and your valuable customers.

    DevOps services include delivering applications on behalf of the company at a faster rate, responding faster to customer needs, building confidence in the applications they develop, and providing the belief to accomplish their company goals quicker.

    Zaigo Infotech offers end-to-end DevOps consulting services to help you achieve greater efficiency and reduce time to market. We’re committed to helping you achieve your business goals through proven DevOps strategies.

    DevOps Consulting Company With Experts And Specialists

    Benefits of DevOps

    DevOps is the best software development strategy for delivering high-functioning, scalable software. DevOps accelerates development by combining the development and operations teams, reducing time to market. DevOps enables organizations to scale the development process more efficiently and quickly achieve their goals.

    Building a collaborative and trusting environment
    A Collaborative And Trusting Environment

    The foundation of the DevOps team is building a collaborative and trusting environment with shared accountability, clarity, and timely feedback that bridges the gap between operations and development.

    Be More Efficient And Release Faster
    Be More Efficient And Release Faster

    In the DevOps development process, timely delivery is everything, along with better quality and stability. The most effective test automation process speeds up the developing process.

    Accelerate Time-To-Resolution
    Accelerate Time-To-

    Continuous feedback helps a team thrive. The DevOps team can work more efficiently with seamless communication and transparency, resulting in fewer errors and less downtime.

    How Does DevOps Work in the Enterprise?

    DevOps services work as a methodology throughout the entire product development lifecycle. Imagine it as an infinite loop accumulated with the following steps in the order.

    • 1


    • 2


    • 3

      Build a projectBuild

    • 4


    • 5

      Product releaseRelease

    • 9

      AnalysisProject analysis

    • 8

      ReviewReviewing the project

    • 7


    • 6


    While working under the DevOps project, the development and operations teams are no longer “siloed.”

    Instead, we follow cross-team bonding, where they are required to leverage a diverse set of skills and technologies across the complete product lifecycle to streamline and speed up the process that contributes to improving the application’s speed, accuracy, quality, and efficiency.

    Zaigo’s DevOps development process allows enterprises and startups to streamline their company performance via data-driven innovation.

    Client Case Study

    Case Study

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    DevOps consulting is a methodology that assists businesses in adopting DevOps principles and practices to accelerate the development process and produce high-quality software. It entails streamlining collaboration between the development and operations teams by optimizing processes, automating tasks, and streamlining collaboration between the development and operations teams.

    Our DevOps consulting services include but are not limited to process optimization, automation, release management, security management, continuous monitoring, and software development. DevOps consulting services from Zaigo also include guidance on CI/CD, cloud migration, and infrastructure automation.

    DevOps consulting services enable you to speed up the development process and create best-in-class software while saving money and time. It allows your development and operations teams to collaborate more effectively and breaks down communication barriers.

    DevOps fosters a collaborative work environment, which aids in the delivery of software updates and features. It also improves the scalability and dependability of your software. DevOps as a service allows you to cut operating costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

    The cost of DevOps consulting services varies greatly depending on the project's size, scope, and complexity. It usually costs between $100 and $600 per hour.

    Industries We Serve

    We are actively transforming a lot of industries contributing to their business, growth, and competitive advantages. Our IT experts have extended knowledge, skills, and expertise in handling stringent processes and decision stages to help you grow. We offer tailor-made IT solutions for any category of your business meeting the current technology needs of your particular industry. Our experts can align any shape and size of your business from small, mid, and multinational enterprises providing cutting-edge solutions to all our clients.


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