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When you have requirements to build Web applications, Product development, customization of your applications, any integration services, social networking app development, support and maintenance of your react applications.

Zaigo reacts developers are the smartest choice to make.

React is one of the most popular front end development framework and open-source JavaScript library. React is mainly used when you need to build dynamic applications with blazing speed.

Choose Zaigo Infotech dedicated react developers who are completely updated and provide smart solutions for your requirements.

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    React Development services from Zaigo Infotech

    Our highly talented React developers have accumulated a plethora of knowledge and skills in developing web applications over the years. As the client expectations kept changing over the years, our solutions were not limited to particular group of consumers. Creating lightweight and scalable solutions are our primary shafts.

    React JS UI Development

    React JS is an open-source javascript library for building dynamic user interfaces for web and mobile applications. Our React JS developers are proficient in new technologies and turning them into business-driven applications.
    Hire React JS programmers who have strong coding skills for React JS UI development. We develop scalable products and increase the performance of your applications.

    React JS Website Development Services

    Get the variety of hiring options to fulfill your development needs. Our experts utilize updated technology like JavaScript (ES5/ES6/ES7+, Babel) and tools to develop websites with perfect appearance, features, and functionalities. We provide web development services to companies at any stage of product/software development.

    React Product Development Services

    We offer Front-end React development services of the highest quality addressing all issues. We develop interactive products with full-stack React technologies. We believe in agile methodology for software development. We follow DevOps for better SDLC management and faster deployment.

    React Customization Services

    We create custom services based on business requirements. Our custom services help in materializing your unique UX / UI using React. We cater to the most complex business needs utilizing customization options.

    React -Support and Maintenance

    We provide complete maintenance and support services to detect security flaws, fix bugs, add features, update versions of your React application.

    Our expertise in React Development

    Our experts are specialized in providing React development services to a wide range of industry verticals. They are well versed with Redux, Redux-Saga, Flow, ReactDND.

    Call us for a free consultation regarding building scalable React based front end solutions. Upgrade your existing app or build a successful market ready web app with the Zaigo team.

    We can develop a new API or integrate the existing one into your products with React.

    We provide customized solutions after understanding the needs of our clients clearly. We deliver exactly what our clients need. We are experts in creating strong, data-driven, highly interactive, and well-developed applications. We provide exceptional React development services to start-ups, small, medium, large enterprises and multinational companies.

    Why choose React Development?

    React to Facebook engineers developed JS. React JS is a new efficient, declarative, and flexible JS library used for building interactive UI. It can be used for:

    Interactive Web and mobile apps

    Building dynamic and engaging web interfaces using React is way better than the JavaScript frameworks. React gives a fast render with virtual DOM.

    Enterprise Applications using React

    React allows the developers to develop complex UI and debug them easily. To achieve mobile-first experiences and yet consumer-grade simplicity.

    Optimal web experience

    React to web apps, and mobile apps offer SEO –friendly applications, and it also helps in faster rendering. This gives high app performance and gives users a better experience.

    React advantages and benefits

    • Improved design architecture
    • Less Coding / Re-usability
    • Large Community
    • Easy maintenance
    • Secure
    • More efficient
    • Declarative user interface
    • Reduced time to market
    • Browser compatibility
    • REST friendly

    Why hire react developers from Zaigo Infotech

    Having successfully delivered 20+ projects / products in the past 2 years

    Zaigo Infotech has high level competency and proficiency in delivering the most complex and challenging React JS Development services. At Zaigo we employ highly skilled and experienced ReactJS Developers. Our ReactJS developers are efficient in implementing new technologies for better business-driven applications. We deploy the best standards while working with ReactJS. We provide dedicated and cost-efficient services. Since we worked in a focused manner, we reduce development times which results in significantly low development and operational costs. We adhere to strict NDA terms.

    The significant advantages of choosing Zaigo developers

      • Flexible to work individually or collaboratively with your team
      • Assured quality services
      • State-of-the-art technology
      • Better understanding of different platforms
      • Agile development process
      • Integrity and transparency in communication
      • Robust support system
      • Free no obligation quote
      • Flexible engagement models

    Our Expertise

    Build dynamic feature-rich, cost-effective web applications with Zaigo React.Js developers. Our Zaigo developers build apps for your business needs and business growth.

    Zaigo react.js developers build safe, secure, and user-friendly apps for your better business growth.

    Ease of use, navigability, excellent user experience and the user interface is the ruling words in app development for a good business ROI. Building apps that are liked by your clients and prospects is our target. We use the react.js framework to do this and build a unique and beautiful app design for your needs.

    Our Expert react.js developers help you migrate your existing apps in the different platforms to the react.js platform in a seamless manner. They are so experienced that they know exactly how to migrate the apps intact.

    The project doesn’t stop with the react.js / react native app development. We know that as the business grows, you will need continued support and maintenance of your apps, and we are more than happy to offer you continued support/maintenance.

    Zaigo react native developers to work efficiently to create interactive applications with all the latest technologies. They ensure that your customers get a fantastic mobile app experience, which makes them keep coming back for more.

    Often readymade app templates do not fit all your business needs. Every business model is unique. Zaigo React native app developers build customized apps for both android and iOS platforms.

    Often we find the need to migrate the existing app to a react native platform. We react native developers are well experienced and get this done in a breeze without any glitches.

    Scalability, Reliability, and Security are essential when it comes to enterprise level web apps. Our React web app developers are so experienced in building enterprise solutions based on the unique business requirements and design.

    Our Hiring Process

    Share your Enquiry

    Contact Zaigo Infotech through Skype/Mail/Call.

    Share your dream business requirements for your online presence.

    You can also share the relevant documents, processes, and expectations with us. Give us 24 hours to get back to you with the right solutions.

    Get to discuss with the React experts.

    At Zaigo, we are flexible and highly communicative. We fix an appointment with you at your convenience and discuss your needs with our Technical Architects and React solution expert to give you the complete picture of possibilities and how we get your work done. We also get to understand the developer's right skill set requirement that will suit your business needs.

    Finalize the hiring model

    We help you interview our React developers, on finalizing the preferred developer. We help you select the preferred hiring model. We know every project has its requirements and hence offer different engagement models.

    We believe in allowing the client to choose from 3 models: Hourly /Part-time / Full-time. The client has the freedom to work with us based on their financial comfort.

    Contract sign-off

    Once the React developer selection and engagement model finalized. The next step is quick formal contract sign off with payment agreements, deadlines, and handover date in place. Then next is the immediate kick start of the project. Without wasting much of the business time, we aim to work fast and deliver results as soon as possible. You can make your payment with us in the secure way that you are comfortable with.

    Expand your Team

    You can keep your application up and running, backed by our team of React developers. Based on the developers' performance and your satisfaction, we give the option to expand your offshore team with Zaigo Infotech. We let our performance speak rather than lobby for more work from you.

    Hiring Models

    Being a leading info tech solutions service provider, you can hire our squad of reputed developers who can seamlessly blend with your working protocols and evolving needs. Full time dedicated developers just blend well with your in-house team to ensure you experience a seamless project flow.

    With our full-time hiring model, you will have a complete control over the project plans and core services. Jot down your business requirements with dedicated full-time development team to sit back and observe outstanding results within the shortest turnaround time.

    Often times your project needs could eat up all your personal time as well. But you may not exactly need a full time developer as the project requirements could fall short of the need for a dedicated full time developer.

    In such scenarios, all you will need is just developers who can help you offload your project requirements just enough to give you some breather time in a week. So hiring a part-time developer who can just give you the optimum support in a day’s time would be the right choice for you.

    There could be always be a development need for your projects which demands very less time to fix issues yet quite significant enough to get that done faster. Hourly basis gives you the flexibility to get developers for just the right number of hours to fix the issues.

    Get prime talents working for your project on an hourly basis with our hourly-basis hiring model plans. Sort through our pool of supreme talents to cater to all your development requirements. Win by a mile by on-boarding the best minds in the market for your project on an hourly basis without burning a hole in your pocket.

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