How Essential are Web and Mobile App Development in 2022?

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    How Essential are Web and Mobile App Development in 2022?

    How Essential are Web and Mobile App Development in 2022?

    This industry isn’t going anywhere where everyone spends at least one day a week using at least one app or a laptop for daily activities. The fact that you are reading this blog, shows clear proof of why web or mobile app development is essential in today’s world.

    There is a clear demand with over 3.5 billion smart users. According to recent American stats, people check their phones once every 12 minutes. Interestingly, smartphone users usually spend 90% of their screen time on mobile apps.

    It is lucrative, to get one piece of the billion dollars from mobile apps, but it will work with a perfect set of strategies and planning. Mobile is literally changing business models, markets, and operating models at an alarming rate. It is also found that 9,999 out of 10,000 mobile apps fail. Hence, a bare online presence is no longer enough to get the right ROI for it.

    Searching on this topic is almost equal to asking virtual assistants like Siri, Google, and Alexa why it is essential.

    There are 3 major reasons why mobile and web applications are necessary:-

    Lifestyle Changes

    “What’s the first thing you will do when you wake up?” It has become the trend of small talk after smartphones started becoming our everyday essentials. Notifications, emails, and phone calls occupy a lot of our everyday space. It just made our lives easier.

    Shopping online, booking a cab, map navigation, sending messages to someone, entertainment, video calling, and so much more. What was a luxury a decade ago, has become an essential today.

    A business is basically invisible without a presence on the web or a mobile app where the most attention is. A revolutionized way of work and entertainment created many more business opportunities through web and mobile applications.

    Whether it is review services like Yelp or Foursquare, these are big connection points for a business. The next generation of traditional social networks like Facebook or Twitter makes a lot of difference with their customers.

    Mobile Usage

    Mobile apps have more intuitive designs and give a faster user experience for the customers. Accessible to everyone, it allows more business opportunities that a website can’t give.

    Some interesting statistics related to mobile-app usage,

    • Almost 71% of the web traffic is sourced from smartphones.
    • It is found that 90% of one’s “mobile time” is actually spent on mobile apps
    • 61% of millennials prefer downloading an app if they really want to purchase through apps.
    • $700 billion of a business sale is directly sourced from mobile devices.
    • 90% of mobile sales are driven by mobile apps.

    Interesting statistics for web application usage,

    • An average user takes only 5 seconds to decide whether to stay or leave on a website.
    • The optimal 2-secs loading page increased the conversion rate up to 74%.
    • 92% of the small businesses carry their sales in mobile apps.
    • There was a 22% decline in website traffic with a hefty 14% loss in traffic leading to a 4% of revenue loss.
    • In the era of the pandemic, about 71% of the security threats and the outbreak were spotted over email phishing, malware, ransomware, and fraudulent web pages.

    As per the statistics, web development is still a necessity for a business but users don’t use it for purchasing decisions. This in turn, clearly states the necessity to plan for mobile development whenever necessary.

    Rising Business Opportunities

    It is a new stream of conversion opportunities paving the customer in making faster decisions and a length of time to browse it in offline mode.

    Ideally, many businesses use “site+mobile” to optimize their customer experience throughout their journey. Websites are built to gain traction while mobile apps are more targeted for the purchase journey.

    Most of the marketing strategy is to optimize the business either with mobile or web applications.

    • Want to run an e-commerce store? Get a mobile app.
    • Display your art? Publish your art in a bidding platform
    • Want to sell your skills? Brand yourself in niche site
    • Want to start a business? Design an online strategy.

    In the era of the digital revolution, users require data exchange, intelligent statistics, process management, push notifications, scheduling, etc. It is a holy grail for many networks that have been highly accessible for web and mobile applications.

    Wrapping Up

    Web and mobile apps are now a normal habitat for most of your target customers. The compelling statistical facts always lead to a great demand for web and mobile app development companies around the world employing millions.

    It is never an easier thing to pick the best developers but hassle no more!

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