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    24 Websites You Should Know to Start Your Web Development Journey – 2021

    Becoming a web developer is not an easy task, but you know what? The Internet makes it a cakewalk. Yes, everything about Web Development is at the reach of your fingertips. We have gathered and listed the top 24 websites you should be aware of in 2021.


    These 24 websites cover everything from skills you need to become a front-end developer, where to get web development jobs, tools you should know, and much more.


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    #1: News – Blogs and news websites that keep on updating recent technologies


    David Walsh Blog – David Walsh is an experienced web developer. He publishes blogs on front-end technologies like JavaSript, React.js, Node.js, CSS, & HTML.


    Slashdot – This is a website with stories on new technologies for web and mobile development.


    Codrops – Codrops is a web development blog that publishes articles, stories, and tutorials on new and trending technologies.


    Reddit – Join the front-end development conversation for free and upgrade your skills.


    #2: Podcasts – Series of digital audio files about new front-end technologies


    Front End Happy Hour – This podcast features web developers from top MNCs such as Netflix, Twitch, and LinkedIn. They talk all things about front-end development, and new episodes release on a bi-weekly basis.


    Pluralsight – Experts from different Silicon Valley companies share their knowledge on web development, mobile development, security, and technology leadership.


    DevChat.Tv – Top voices from established MNCs talk about technologies, tools, and processes involved in front-end development.


    Developer Tea

    – The host offers high-quality content to help web developers in their software careers.


    #3: Networking – Social Networks to get in touch with other web developers


    GitHub – This is the platform where developers share codes over the cloud and collaborate with other developers. You can access codes published by others, check out new repositories, and follow your connections’ content. You can even get your codes reviewed by other web developers and receive feedback.


    Stack Overflow – Stack Overflow is a secure platform with a collection of coding questions and answers. It is the best collaboration platform for individual web developers and companies.


    Geeklist – It is a social portfolio builder for web developers, and they can communicate with their colleagues and other like-minded people to share knowledge on web technologies.


    #4: Tutorials – Online classes to learn techniques of Web Development


    CareerFoundry – CareerFoundry is the best place for web developers who are self-learners. They teach you the skills you needed for web development, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with practical exercises and day-to-day challenges.


    FreeCodeCamp – If you’re a newbie developer, you must look at this tutorial for practical knowledge. In FreeCodeCamp, your task will be split into short lessons to help you code easily.


    CSS-Tricks – This is the best tutorial to learn everything about CSS. You can get code snippets, participate in forums, and leave comments to know technologies better.


    Smashing Magazine – Smashing Magazine is a collection of handbooks, articles, how-to guides, & workshops. This is the best place where you can learn CSS, HTML, & JavaScript. You can also find resources on mobile development, web design, UX design, and WordPress.


    #5 – Games/Challenges – Show off your coding skills

  – Once you’re well-versed in front-end coding, you can participate in this online multiplayer game to test your coding skills. Create an account, and complete your coding challenges to sharpen your skills.


    Codewars – Improve your skills by solving coding challenges using programming languages like JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Clojure, or Haskell. You will move to a better rank based on the level of challenge you complete.


    HackerRank – This is the best place to learn, practice coding, prepare for interviews and grab jobs. You could learn about, Algorithms, Code, Functional Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.


    HackerEarth – HackerEarth is a complete package of coding challenges and competitions.


    #6: Jobs – Grab high-paying frond-end development jobs


    Hired – Hired is a dedicated hiring platform for engineers, web developers, data scientists, and web designers. Enroll yourself in the portal and grab the best match for you.


    LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the place where millions of job seekers are being hired by employers every year.


    Guru – This is a secure platform for freelance web and mobile development projects.


    Zaigo Infotech – Zaigo InfoTech is a web development company where you can find top- notch front-end developers with many years of experience. It offers the best solutions for all your web and mobile application development.


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