Native Vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development | Pros & Cons

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    The Pros And Cons of Native V.S. Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Native Vs. Hybrid Mobile App Development | Pros & Cons

    If you are looking to choose between Native and Hybrid mobile app development for your app development, you have arrived at the right place. Here we have a clear list of all the pros and cons of Native and Hybrid app development.

    In mobile app development, people widely use both Native and Hybrid. But which one suits your needs and requirements? Well, there are a lot of factors that decide which is the best one for you. Like, as the type of industry you are into, whether or not you have the budget for the app development and more. Before you decide which app is the best for your business, learn the pros and cons of mobile app development.

    What Is Native Mobile App Development?


    Native mobile application development is creating a mobile application for a specific operating system like iOS or Android. A specific mobile app that only works on one mobile OS and not on anything else. We primarily use Java for native apps, which works best on Android devices.

    Pros Of Native Mobile App Development


    User Experience (Ux)


    Since the Native apps are developed and designed for a specific targeted OS, it provides a better overall user experience. If providing a great User experience is your number 1 priority, you can opt for native mobile application development.

    User Interface (UI)


    As the Native mobile application development is developed keeping in mind the feature of the specific OS, it provides an excellent user interface, thus making it extremely easy for the user to access and use the app without any interruptions.



    Since most Native apps require authorization from the specific play store or app store that they are designed for, it makes it safe for the users as the play store or the app store takes care of the security part of the App.



    Since the Native apps are tailor-made, they are way more effective than the Hybrid apps.

    Cons of Native Mobile App Development:


    Price Point


    The Native Mobile Apps are definitely on the expensive side as you need to custom-make every little detail according to your business and your needs for that particular operating system.

    Time Consumption


    Yes, Native Apps do require quite a lot of time to develop as the developers write different codes for different platforms, and since the overall user experience in Native Apps is excellent, it requires a lot of time to develop them too.



    If you want to provide any new updates to the App, it is time-consuming as you need to write different codes again and send them to the play store or app store for approval.

    What Is Hybrid Mobile App Development?


    Hybrid Mobile Application Development works on almost all operating systems and Web pages. Hybrid Apps don’t require you to write different codes for different platforms. All you need is one single code, and you can deploy it across all the platforms easily.

    Pros Of Hybrid Mobile App Development


    Easy And Quick


    Since the Hybrid apps only require a single set of code which you can deploy across all the operating systems and software, you can get it done in considerably less time, and it is also easy to create.



    As they do not require different codes across different platforms, it costs you comparatively less to create Hybrid mobile apps than Native apps.



    Since there is only one set of code, you can quickly release updates and constantly upsell your services, which will be profitable to your business.

    Quick Development


    Since the time and money it takes for you to develop the Hybrid Mobile Application, it reaches the market in the designated time.

    Cons Of Hybrid Mobile App Development




    Since each OS looks and performs differently, you need to redesign and alter a few things to make it look good across the platforms.

    The OS-Only Features


    With Hybrid apps, you get to miss out on the features that are only available on the specific OS, which you will not be able to merge into a Cross-platform development.

    User Experience


    Since user experience is the greatest feature of the Native Mobile Apps, it cannot be achieved entirely on the Hybrid setup, which is a setback.

    If you are looking for a mobile app development company in Chennai, Zaigo is the right place for you. Zaigo helps you with everything from choosing the Native or Hybrid Apps to the complete step-by-step process and helps you with all the backend support you will ever need.

    Final Thoughts


    If you are looking for Affordable mobile app development, then you can choose hybrid Apps. Since they work the same on all the platforms and OS, they are comparatively affordable. If you are looking to provide a great User experience, you can opt for native mobile application development as they are tailor-made, and the user experience is commendable. Both Native and Hybrid mobile app development has their pros and cons. So make sure you look into your needs and requirements and then decide between the two.

    If you are still confused about whether to choose Hybrid or Native mobile app development, We highly suggest you list all your needs and requirements for your mobile app and then see what works for you. Every business and its needs are unique. So make sure you select the one that meets the requirements of your business. Choosing the right mobile app development company plays a significant role here. Feel free to contact Zaigo for a free consultation.

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