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The smooth functioning of a business needs integration of its tools, system, and application. The sharing of data and processes inside the operations is very crucial for a business. It is essential to connect your on-premises applications and 3rd party applications to keep up with the rapid pace of business and technology changes. If you want to ensure a smooth flow of data, you should get application integration services from Zaigo Infotech.

If your business does not respond to changes rapidly, it cannot meet the goals. If you want to keep up with the fast pace of business changes application integration is a must. We provide application integration services using advanced technical tools. Our services include salesforce integration, Zoho Integration, Zapier Integration or any API enabled integration and data integration etc.

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    Application Integration development services

    Our experts utilize updated technology and tools to develop websites with perfect appearance, features, and functionalities. We provide web development services to companies at any stage of product/software development.

    Enterprise Application Integration Services

    Our Enterprise Application Services (EAS) help your business to transform your business and emerge triumphant in the ever-changing digital economy. We ensure interchange and integration of data across CRM, ECM, and ERP. Our Enterprise application integration architecture delivers solutions for orchestrating business processes with enterprise applications.

    Platform Integration Services

    If you plan to build an enterprise application that needs to be integrated with other systems outside your company, you need platform integration services. Zaigo Infotech offers a wide range of services to integrate on-premises data and cloud data.

    Process Integration

    Process integration allows automation of business management and operational processes through the integration of systems and services. It helps connect your systems internally and externally, thereby giving your business an edge over the competitors.

    API Integration

    There are billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things. It is vital that these systems function homogeneously. API or Application Programming Interfaces help build gateways to make sure that there is no disparity between these functions. Our API integration services help to integrate disparate applications to align business processes and to attain better connectivity.

    B2B Integration

    B2B integration is significant these days because of the increase in external stakeholders in a business. Our B2B integration services help in developing and maintaining connections between the trading partners. We help in successfully replacing a manual process with automated tools, thereby saving time and money.

    Why choose Zaigo Infotech?

    We Interact with our clients to identify their requirements. We make sure that we understand your needs clearly before providing tailor-made Application Integration services in Chennai and the USA.

    Knowledge and Process

    We specialize in integrating your data centre and cloud solutions through API development. Staff can save their energy from countless hours of interpolating reports as we help them build enterprise solutions. We can help you make data-rich dashboards that enable quick drill-downs into your most specific data point. Now the micro and macro level analysis becomes a breeze.

    Our experts, with their updated in-depth knowledge, help in the fast return of investment. Our Product engineering team is highly experienced on every stage of the process right from consultation to ideation, outlining architecture to design and development, testing, and deployment.

    Great work ethics

    Prompt delivery, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, cost-effective solutions, and custom solutions to fit your budget and business goals are our biggest pluses. We are entirely focused on customers needs and the final results generated.

    Advantages of using API development services from Zaigo Infotech

    • Competitive rates
    • Cost-effective and best quality APIs to boost your profits.
    • 100% transparent and communicative.
    • High-quality APIs with unmatchable innovation and irresistible features
    • Development of New Advanced Features in APIs
    • Enhance the productivity of your business using Technology with Zaigo Infotech.
    • Get the Large & Fast-Paced Projects done well.
    • Reliable Security and IP Protection
    • Get Hassle-free Project Management
    • Dedicated to Deliver 100% Satisfied Services
    • Quality Assured Solutions
    • 24/7 Technical Support

    Engagement Models

    Fixed Price Model:

    This is the most favorable model for a client. When you have a defined project scope, fixed budget limitations, and when you have a clear roadmap, vision, project requirements, and deadlines. The Fixed price engagement model is preferable. The cost of work agreed upon during the contract sign up does not change until the handover.

    Dedicated Team:

    When you have unclear scope and varying changes in the requirements, a dedicated team model will suit your need for the best. To perform high-quality, unique, and specific projects for which you lack professionals in your team, you can go for a dedicated offshore team without having to expand your core team on-site. This gives cost-effectiveness and diverse talent pool access for your projects. The dedicated developers will coordinate and cooperate with your core team members and work as an extension of your in-house team. However, this engagement model is ineffective if hired for short term projects.

    Time and Material Model:

    Just pay for the time and effort spent on your project development in this type of engagement model. This is a very convenient and relatively flexible model. Payment is made every month upfront for stipulated hours. The hours spent for the month can be scaled up based on the additional requirement on project needs. This model is preferable for businesses looking for a reliable team to outsource their technology needs for maintenance of their existing clients and require additional bandwidth for a part time resource.

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