Web application and Web portal development services

Providing next-gen web application development services

Cost-saving, Security, Out-of-the-box services are some of the off-the-hand benefits one can list when choosing the best application development team as an option for their technology needs. It is wise to leave web application development to experts with skills, knowledge, passion and experience.

Zaigo Infotech is a renowned name in developing custom web applications that can offer the best tech support to grow your business exponentially. We help you to build and manage diverse and complex applications at lower costs.

Our application solutions have helped reduce almost 30% of defects and speed up operational efficiency by 40%.


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    Web application and web portal development services

    Zaigo Infotech is the best place to outsource your web or mobile app development projects. You can get your work done at a low cost with high quality compared to other countries. The offshore outsourcing should be done from reliable and reputed outsourcing software development companies.

    With more than two decades of experienced team and with highly competent experts, Zaigo Infotech promises to deliver robust portal solutions.

    Zaigo Infotech is the ideal technology partner you can depend on to craft high-end software solutions for your business and get expert technology consulting.

    The world of business keeps on changing with the times. In Today’s world, especially after Covid-19, digital engagement with your customers has become indispensable. Web app and web portal design is essential because it can make or break a business. Your web app/web portal has to stand out from the crowd and catch the customers eye.

    If you want to make sure that your web app/ web portal is attractive, dynamic, functional, and interactive, you should approach Zaigo Infotech who are pioneers in web app development.

    Outsourcing is an excellent means to obtain skilled expertise from an outside vendor or company to help you deal with specific processes/tasks. An essential requirement for this is getting a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced partner firm to outsource your work.

    India is the best place to outsource your web or mobile app development projects. You can get your work done at a low cost compared to other countries. The offshore outsourcing should be done from reliable and reputed outsourcing software development companies.With more than two decades of experience team and with highly competent experts, Zaigo Infotech promises to deliver robust portal solutions.

    What Type Of Portal Are You Looking For?

    Is it a travel portal, job portal, matrimonial portal, Insurance portal, auction portal, real estate portal, Vendor portal development or B2C portal development. With our highly experienced team, having delivered more than 100+ applications for diverse industry verticals, whatever be your needs, Zaigo Infotech assures delivery of the best portal development services in Chennai, India and the USA.

    Enterprise Application/Product Development

    We deliver customized enterprise application development services with our team of experts with knowledge and expertise. We focus on your business critical aspects and use our mastery in cloud, web, and hybrid applications to deploy enterprise applications. Our applications that address your enterprise needs include domain-driven design, microservice architecture, and high optimized applications.

    Web Application Maintenance/Support

    Negligence of web maintenance will result in reduced user engagement, decreased profits, and a decline in performance. Our web application maintenance services include software upgrades, debugging, increasing loading speed, relevant updates, modifying the UI to make the application user friendly, backups, application upgrades, and many more.

    Application Integration

    If your business does not respond to changes rapidly, it cannot meet the goals. If you want to keep up with the fast pace of business changes, Application Integration is a must.
    We provide Application Integration services using advanced technical tools. Our previous integration experience in Zoho integration, salesforce integration, API enabled integration and platform integration.

    B2B Portal Development Services

    B2B involves exchanging products, services, and information between businesses and not between business and consumers. B2B portal development helps your business to connect with businesses all over the world.
    Zaigo Infotech develops fully customized web portals to help your business grow worldwide and improve your relationship with suppliers, distributors, dealers, and traders.

    B2C Portal Development Services

    B2C web portal offers a platform for businesses to interact with consumers. B2C portals facilitate businesses to attain their business goals by widening the client base by establishing a brand and enabling interaction with customers.
    We have experience building job portals, travel portals, matrimonial portals, real estate portals, news portals, auction portals, Insurance portals and many more with our outstanding experience.

    E-commerce Web Portal

    Zaigo Infotech specializes in developing dynamic, SEO friendly, user-friendly, and cost-effective ecommerce portals. Our web portals will help your business to gain a winning advantage in the competitive business.

    Latest technology platforms we use

    Zaigo web app developers remain updated and stay on trend in all developments in technology. With changes in Industrial trends, we quickly pivot our strategies and use the latest trending technological practices to bring the best future-ready custom web app to your table.
    Python, Ruby on Rails, YII, Meteor JS,Express.js, Zend, Django, Laravel, JavaScript, React, AngularCoffeeScript, PHP, CakePHP, HTML , CSS and many such tech stacks










    VUE JS












    Who We Work With

    Zaigo Infotech delivers the perfect Web application and product development, be it a start-up or an enterprise.


    Small & Medium business



    Why Choose Zaigo Infotech?

    We follow a defined process for the complete application development life cycle from the initiation to the deployment in production and support.

    We have a technically strong team with several years of experience and updated knowledge. Our team of Business Analysts, Project Managers, scrum masters, developers, designers and testers who work collaboratively to develop and deliver unique web applications.


    Our solution architects provide the best consultation to your business challenges. The team will do a complete system study and plan the project extensively for future scalability. Our solution architects enable you to select, build, and implement the right software technology for better business values and ROI.

    Passionate team

    The company culture is completely driven by a very rich culture of having team members who are really passionate and excited about the real life problem we solve with our technology expertise.

    Process Driven

    The team at Zaigo Infotech are completely process driven starting from the initial consultation of the project to the delivery of the project. The project status is completely tracked based on the delivery plan with defined milestones


    At Zaigo Infotech we believe in long term relationships with our clients and partners, which requires high level of integrity and transparency from the communication on technology feasibility, timelines and the commercials

    Experienced Team

    The team at Zaigo Infotech have more than decades of experience in delivery applications. We learn from every project and apply the best practices on the upcoming project, which helps us build user friendly web apps to increase engagement of users. With the best team, the best tools and the best technology. We provide nothing short of the best.


    Zaigo Infotech has one of the highest retention rates of 98% in the Industry. Thanks for all the clients who gave us the opportunity to serve them and who have completely enjoyed the service offered by our team and have always used us on all their technology needs.

    Quick Onboarding

    On the successful sign-off of the delivery plan, we make it a seamless process to board the team onto the project. We provide the complete scope, user stories, Use cases and business objective to the chosen candidate and immediately start on the work process.

    Code optimization

    At Zaigo Infotech, we ensure that all our developers are experienced and experts. Such developers can code well and code quicker with ease as they are capable of utilizing coding packages. Coding packages in Laravel like spatie, socialite, Laravel debug bar, Laravel user verification, Laravel Mix, Eloquent sluggable, etc., and Framer motion, Styled components, Cypress, Prettier

    Our Developers are well versed in various code optimization techniques like Compile Time Evaluation, Common Sub Expression Elimination, Code Movement, Dead code elimination, and Strength reduction.
    Code optimization is crucial for saving time and completing the projects faster without compromising the security, performance and avoid technical glitches.

    Engagement Models

    Fixed Price Model:

    This is the most favorable model for a client. When you have a defined project scope, fixed budget limitations, and when you have a clear roadmap, vision, project requirements, and deadlines. The Fixed price engagement model is preferable. The cost of work agreed upon during the contract sign up does not change until the handover.

    Dedicated Team:

    When you have unclear scope and varying changes in the requirements, a dedicated team model will suit your need for the best. To perform high-quality, unique, and specific projects for which you lack professionals in your team, you can go for a dedicated offshore team without having to expand your core team on-site. This gives cost-effectiveness and diverse talent pool access for your projects. The dedicated developers will coordinate and cooperate with your core team members and work as an extension of your in-house team. However, this engagement model is ineffective if hired for short term projects.

    Time and Material Model:

    Just pay for the time and effort spent on your project development in this type of engagement model. This is a very convenient and relatively flexible model. Payment is made every month upfront for stipulated hours. The hours spent for the month can be scaled up based on the additional requirement on project needs. This model is preferable for businesses looking for a reliable team to outsource their technology needs for maintenance of their existing clients and require additional bandwidth for a part time resource.

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