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Virtual collaboration between you and your customers is essential in online business. A well-developed website (your virtual office) will connect you with your customers and give a competitive advantage and boost your business's online presence and increase revenue.

It is wise to leave web development to experts with skills, knowledge and experience.

Zaigo Infotech is a renowned name in developing web sites that can offer the best design experience, Search engine friendly and highly secured to help you grow business exponentially.

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    Website design and development services

    We offer web design services in Chennai, India, and the USA with the latest trending features. We design custom design, based on your target audience. We use the latest technologies to convert your dream into reality. We develop websites based on customer’s needs. We develop mobile-first and mobile-friendly websites. With the world going mobile, your website is of no value if it is not mobile-friendly. We offer social media integration to enhance your marketing efforts. We provide the following services tailor-made to meet your company's requirements and fit your company's budget.

    UI/UX Website Design Services

    Innovative web designs to convert your dream into an idea.

    E-Commerce Web Design Services

    To succeed in e-commerce, you need a well designed and developed website to create an exceptional user experience for your customers. This will help converting your visitors to customers.

    Custom Website Design Services

    Custom websites with perfect landing page design to grab customers' attention and blog designing for SEO optimization. WordPress web design is one of our major specialties.

    Responsive Web Design

    A responsive design is vital to step up conversions in the competitive internet world. We build websites accessible in different devices auto adjust itself based on the screen size.

    Website Redesign Development

    Website Redesign Staying updated is crucial if you want to succeed. redesigning old websites into modern websites is a must to target your audience. Developing high conversion and functional websites to convert ideas into reality.

    Website Maintenance and Support

    We help you to keep your website updated by adding additional pages and simple text updates. Our maintenance services include website expansion, website updates, website audits, etc. We offer round the clock support.

    Website Optimization

    Website optimization is the process of making the right changes in your website to make it load faster and provide better performance. Optimized websites rank higher in search engine result pages than your competitors website. Zaigo Infotech is a website optimization company in Chennai with years of experience in building highly optimized websites that rank well in the search results that interact well with the visitors.

    Improving SEO

    It is a part of website speed optimization. It includes a set of processes to drive traffic to your website using several techniques. We help improve SEO through advanced techniques like title tag, internal links, page boost, featured snippets, organic keywords, refreshment of existing content, etc.

    Our Website Design And Development Process

    We have clear and well-defined steps for the website design and development process, from understanding your requirements to creating your website and offering maintenance to keep your website updated and current.


    This is the phase where we gather all the required information from you. What is the purpose of your website? Is it for sharing information, to sell a product or service? Can we get to know your ideal online prospects that you are on the lookout for? Such detailed discussions on what, how, and why this website will be discussed.

    Strategy And Plan

    Developing a clearly defined site map is the next logical step for sure. This gives profound clarity as to what is going to be constructed on the site. It's like the architecture of the entire site. The site map lists the main navigation menus areas and sub-menus as well. It shows the type of relationship between each page in a site.

    Prescribe Wire Frames

    This is the foremost step in the website development process. We bring together the design and development team for a meaningful discussion after the content structure and site map gets frozen. This step is the crucial deciding factor to give the right framework called wireframe to the clients.

    Design And Draft

    Once all the functionalities, CTAs, complete wireframe of the site is done and approved by the client, the next step is the Mockup design phase. Next is the Mockup design phase. This phase involves the UX/UI designer who gets to work on the site's PSD image. The designer will typically give home page design options as this is the most significant part of the site.


    Now the complete bundle of approved designs is handed over to the expert developers who are proficient in code optimization and have an eye for details. They start coding and complete the site with all the best practices in the Industry standards. The style guide that we share and the designs ensure no room for doubt during the development/coding phase.

    Testing and Delivery

    Quality Assurance and proper delivery of the site is the final phase of website development. As the bespoke site’s coding is completed, we start the process of testing the entire site. Every Link, forms, functionalities, CTAs, Responsive and cross browser are tested for any technical glitches. We provide final SEO checking for SEO friendly sites.

    Launch and Support

    Migrate the website from the staging server to the live server and check the functionalities are working good. Support and maintenance are crucial for all websites to ensure the site performs well for business growth. We do offer post-launch maintenance services. Website evaluations and improvement plans are also quite critical as your online presence and business keep growing.

    Website Optimization Services

    We offer professional website optimization services which helps increase your website performance and rank better in Search engines

    Website Audit

    We first analyze your website to find the areas that need to be optimized. We make sure that nothing goes unnoticed from our expert research. We test the performance of your website using several factors like A/B and multivariate testing etc. We use a variety of tools like Unbounce, Visual Website Optimize, Google Page speed, etc. We will increase the page speed score of your website for both Web and Mobile. We have experience optimizing all websites, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, etc. We offer on-page optimization services in Chennai, using designing buttons, graphics, videos, images, footers, navigation links, etc.

    Website Speed Optimization

    Loading speed is one of the critical factors that determine the ranking of a website. Slower websites have lower rankings. If your website is slow, people will bounce off to the next website. What does this mean? It means that you are losing business. At Zaigo Infotech, we make your website load quickly through powerful hosting, optimized images, and optimized JavaScript.

    Improving User Experience

    It is your website that leaves a lasting image on your customer. When you improve your website's user experience, you can turn things around and increase your conversions. How to improve user experience?

    • Right headings should be chosen
    • Images should be added
    • The website should be made interactive
    • Attractive call to action should be added.
    • White space should be utilized.

    Latest technology platforms we use

















    Who we Work with

    Zaigo Infotech delivers the perfect websites, be it a start-up or an enterprise.

    Why Choose Zaigo Infotech?

    Process Driven

    We follow a step by step process of web development that includes planning, designing, building, launching, and maintaining. After knowing about your needs, we develop custom websites, understanding your target audience and providing the right solutions. We approach each project differently depending upon the nature of business and geographical location.

    Experienced Team

    We have a technically strong team with several years of experience and updated knowledge. Our team of web designers, content managers, web developers, and others work together to develop unique websites.

    Customer Centric

    We build SEO friendly websites to increase visibility in search engines. With the best team, the best tools, and the best technology, we provide nothing short of the best. We develop easy to maintain websites to fit the exact requirements of your business.

    Trusted Team

    Zaigo Infotech is highly responsible, transparent and very Competitive In delivering the best solutions. Our client retention rate is close to 98%.Hire us to help your business grow.

    Quick Turnaround

    Having delivered more than 500+ websites and having an highly skilled team of 50+ website designer and developers. You can expect your projects to be delivered 3X faster than the average web design firm.

    Code optimization

    At Zaigo Infotech, our developers are well experienced and experts in providing code optimization based on your current website performance or building a new website with best industry standards to deliver highly optimized websites.

    Advantages working with Zaigo Infotech

    • Competitive rates
    • 100% transparent and communicative.
    • Development of New Advanced Features
    • Enhance the user experience and lead generation of your business
    • Get the Large & Fast-Paced Projects done well.
    • Reliable Security and IP Protection
    • Get Hassle-free Project Management
    • Dedicated to Deliver 100% Satisfied Services

    Engagement Models

    Fixed Price Model:

    This is the most favorable model for a client. When you have a defined project scope, fixed budget limitations, and when you have a clear roadmap, vision, project requirements, and deadlines. The Fixed price engagement model is preferable. The cost of work agreed upon during the contract sign up does not change until the handover.

    Dedicated Team:

    When you have unclear scope and varying changes in the requirements, a dedicated team model will suit your need for the best. To perform high-quality, unique, and specific projects for which you lack professionals in your team, you can go for a dedicated offshore team without having to expand your core team on-site. This gives cost-effectiveness and diverse talent pool access for your projects. The dedicated developers will coordinate and cooperate with your core team members and work as an extension of your in-house team. However, this engagement model is ineffective if hired for short term projects.

    Time and Material Model:

    Just pay for the time and effort spent on your project development in this type of engagement model. This is a very convenient and relatively flexible model. Payment is made every month upfront for stipulated hours. The hours spent for the month can be scaled up based on the additional requirement on project needs. This model is preferable for businesses looking for a reliable team to outsource their technology needs for maintenance of their existing clients and require additional bandwidth for a part time resource.

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