Best JavaScript Frameworks To Use For Mobile App Development

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    The 8 Best JavaScript Frameworks For Developing Mobile Apps

    The 8 Best JavaScript Frameworks For Developing Mobile Apps

    Top 8 best JavaScript for Developing Mobile Apps

    1. React Native

    React Native is one famous JavaScript Framework that is used for developing mobile apps. It is known for its fast, user-friendly nature, which makes it easier for the programmer. It is also more on the affordable end, which makes it even better.

    React Native comes with a lot of useful, ready-to-use features, which makes the job of the programmer a lot easier. When compared to most JavaScript frameworks, React Native lets you run the codes in two different languages with just a click of a single button. Whereas with most scripts, the developer has to go back and forth with both programs in order to run it.

    2. Mobile Angular UI

    The Mobile Angular UI is another most popular JavaScript Frameworks of all time, and it is an open-source framework which means a lot of web developers and mobile app developers from all over the globe support it.

    It provides you with clean and clear codes, which increases the efficiency of the program and consumes way less time. With Mobile Angular UI, you can easily create hybrid mobile apps. It also comes with a lot of great features like the Navbar, modals, overlays, switches, and a lot more for effective programming.

    3. Titanium

    Titanium is one of the oldest frameworks that are available. It is user-friendly, and it also helps provide you with very simple yet effective access to almost all of the native functions that are available.

    It is a robust structured JavaScript framework that is used to create high performance apps for mobiles that are compatible with iOS, Android, etc.It is also one of the most affordable open source networks, which is efficient and quick.

    4. Phone Gap

    If you are a mobile app developer and you are looking to work with frameworks just with the knowledge of web development languages, the Apache (PhoneGap) JavaScript Framework is the right option for you.

    If you are a business and are looking to expand and spread its app for platforms more than one without re-implementing with the language of each platform, the Apache framework or the Phone Gap is the best one for you.

    5. NativeScript

    If you are looking to create an application for various platforms, the Native Script is the best option for you. It is also compatible with iOS and Android, which makes it even better.

    The Native Script always makes sure to use LiveSync and Web packs together at any given point for efficient performance. It also has an interface that doesn’t need Webviews. It is an open source framework that majorly uses JavaScript, but it also allows you to use TypeScript if and when needed. It is best suited for companies that are marching towards faster and higher growth as it is loaded with features that power performance.

    6. Ionic

    The Ionic is yet another open-source network that enables the user to create top quality mobile apps and web apps easily. The Ionic JavaScript framework concentrates mainly on the front end work of the app and focuses fully on how the app looks.

    If you are on the search for a JavaScript framework that you can merge with other frameworks like apache, then Ionic is the best choice for you. It also works well without a separate frontend framework which is great.

    The Ionic Framework can be used with both iOS and Android, and you can create web apps and mobile apps that are efficient and easy to create.

    7. J-Query Mobile

    The J query Mobile is one of the fastest frameworks that are available in the market as it is one of the lightest frameworks ever. The J Query Mobile framework lets you create apps for Mobile that are more visually appealing, and it also comes with a library of all the codes that help you customize the look of the app according to your likes and dislikes.

    It also has a Robust structure with page transitions with Ajax-based navigation. The J Query is yet another budget-friendly JavaScript framework that performs much more efficiently in a short period of time.

    8. Meteor

    Meteor is one of the famous modern javascript frameworks that is preferred in recent times. The Meteor Framework is an open source framework that is very user-friendly, and it has simple codes that are easy to learn and implement, which makes it one of the most popular javascript frameworks in recent times.

    With Meteor, you can easily develop cross-platform codes for all ios, Android, and websites. The Meteor Framework comes with a lot of real-time features which help you build features on the app, like live chat, conversations, complaints, etc..,


    Now that you have got some idea of all the best javascript frameworks that are used for developing mobile applications, you can go ahead and choose the one that you feel is right. If there is one thing that we ask you to keep in mind, it is to carefully go through all your requirements and your needs before jumping on to the framework for your app.

    Study the requirements carefully and then go ahead and choose the framework that suits your requirements and your budget.

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