Top 10 SaaS Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Faster

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    Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your SaaS Business

    Owning the “No.1 Workable Strategy” for SaaS solutions is one of the big challenges for even the top digital marketing services.


    We are going to discuss the top 10 powerful SaaS strategies that convert. Some of these are very obvious while some are twisted with bold takes. Selling SaaS products is complex as most of them are not tangible and are built with different features. That’s where the specialization of a digital marketing company comes in. Hence, the messaging should be simple and catchy enough for the target audience to get the ability of SaaS products in solving their problems.


    It is all gonna be fiercely competitive and innovative to win the customers.


    Let’s dive into the “Top 10 Killer SaaS Digital Marketing Strategies” blueprinted by top digital marketing companies.


    1. Limited Customer Choice

    It is great to provide SaaS customers with all possible options, right?
    Wrong! Many proven strategies vote for simplified and limited choices to get better conversions.


    Offering limited choices pays dividends for the moment. In fact, “SaaS pricing” is a whole topic that determines which pricing model is the best such as flat-rate pricing, usage-based pricing, tiered pricing, per-user pricing, per active user pricing, per-feature pricing, freemium model, and so on.


    A moderate “market-standard” pricing will work effectively against competitors and prevent you from going bankrupt.


    2. Be Transparent About Pricing

    However good the idea is to presumably make a ladder of customer’s interest in the service before revealing the final price, it will definitely reduce the customer acquisition as the lack of transparency can be frustrating to the majority of customers.


    Also, it might make your prospective customer suspicious about your SaaS product in general.


    3. Leveraging with Freemium or Free Trial

    Freemium models are the tower of strength in SaaS marketing. Many famous SaaS models must have a free trial. This is a great magnetic marketing technique that will pull the customers to your sales funnels.


    Also, it allows the signed-up users to test the benefits and their features with their business. The whole SaaS sales model is just really like “visitors -> free trial -> paid subscriber”, they don’t have to pay but they eventually will once they see its worth. 75% of the free models are a part of their online marketing strategy.


    If they aren’t motivated to convert, it is the best bet to send an email reminder about the ending of the trial period or irresistible offers for conversions.


    4. Design an Easier Sign Up method

    Give the best reasons for your potential users to sign up for your product and make it easily accessible. The subscriber may decide anytime at their decision stage and it shouldn’t be a struggle for signing up for the SaaS model.


    If they are at the decision stage, they might already be aware of the key points of the product by the time they read or watch anything.


    Even after choosing to sign up, there shouldn’t be any big obstacles or a reason for not signing up. Keep the forms simple!


    5. Include Discounts and Deals

    Deals, discounts, and offers are crucial steps in the whole SaaS marketing strategy. Offers depict that they get to have higher value among the customers. It also works best with upselling and cross-selling.


    While you profit from deals and discounts, make sure you run them only on occasions, or else people might stop perceiving them as a special offer and treat them as a regular price. Offers are common things as it attracts more, but apply them relevantly in your overall marketing strategy (it could be random discounts and offers from a Facebook post too).


    6. Write Clear CTAs

    A clear call to action (CTAs) on every page of your website makes it as frictionless as possible in the overall customer journey. The most common CTAs are “Pick a Plan” or “Sign Up Free” as your prospective users pass through the websites.


    Sometimes, with just a few clever CTAs, the prospective customers might already see themselves at the payment stage without realizing it.


    Make every CTAs trackable and always check where they stop to continue optimizing it.


    7. Upsell and Cross-Sell

    These two are untapped gold mines that can earn more profits. 44% of SaaS companies get 10% of new revenue from cross-selling and upselling. The idea is to get them upgraded to the highest package possible to their needs, hence the online marketing strategy is gradually taken one step at a time.


    Check if their customers have upgraded to their highest profitable package or if they have subscribed to all your addons.


    8. Build an International Team

    With the emerging SaaS expansion, it makes sense to grow your team to cover the whole world. While the U.S. and Europe seem to lead the industry, it is a great idea to host in growth-intensive markets such as China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.


    Setting up local offices in those countries can raise overhead costs. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring people who speak the languages, know the cultural nuances, and can follow the local news to bridge the gap and expand the connections.


    9. Incentivize Referrals

    Referrals are one of the effective ways to reach new audiences. With just a free month of services, your customers may refer a friend or colleague. Ideally, a long-term subscriber is concluded to love your SaaS platform.


    So it is the best bet to ask for referrals. A referral bonus could be a form of added premium features, subscription discounts, or anything from a full-fledged referral program. If you are making a SaaS B2B online marketing plan, too many upfront steps can derail the process. At the initial stage, ask for as little information to sign up as possible. After your customer is fully committed to your product, you can get the rest of the detailed information from the customer.


    10. Hijack Online Conversations

    Always start a straightaway conversation with the client on online marketing platforms. This is a common tactic followed by digital marketing services to closely help their prospective customers. It works well because people love interacting in online spaces. Hijacking conversations are usually found in virtual event platforms, chat rooms, etc.


    Conversation strategy should pertain to different prospects that you converse with. Ask, answer and check their current stage with your product.


    Bonus Tip: Testimonials are a powerful way to attract new customers. Trust ratings evidently push to 19% it also encourages your happy and loyal customers to leave a review for your product.


    As a quick recap, let’s list down the top 10 SaaS digital marketing strategies that everyone should know about.


    Digital Marketing Strategies for Saas Business

    Every SaaS company has its own digital marketing strategy, tactics, success, and performance metrics which are all critical to consider before implementing a strategy or hiring a team of experts from a digital marketing company. At Zaigo Infotech, we curate our strategy for SaaS products on the right channels, contents, and tools that will take your SaaS product. We will use stronger success metrics and track your metrics.


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