Which CMS Is the Best for Your site | WordPress or Joomla?

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    Which CMS Is the Best for Your Website – WordPress vs Joomla?

    Are you confused with which CMS to choose for your website between WordPress Vs Joomla? No more worries! We will help you figure out the best fit for your website. In this blog, we have compared the features of WordPress and Joomla in detail. This will help you understand the features better and let you choose the best CMS for your website.
    Let’s start with the gist of CMS and then move to Joomla Vs WordPress.

    What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

    A Content Management System (CMS) is a complete system used to create, manage, and modify content on a website. In other words, it is a bundle of technologies needed for developing websites without the need to write codes from scratch.
    There are thousands of CMSs available, but the top CMSs are WordPress and Joomla. Here’s
    how you basically get started with these CMSs.
    To get started with WordPress, you need to follow these steps:

    • Select the web hosting company and create an account in it.
    • When registering, make sure you select the option to install WordPress automatically
      on the account you created.
    • After the hosting setup, you need to log in to WordPress.
    • Next, configure your site, and then you are good to use themes, plug-ins, and much

    Note: When you choose Joomla as your CMS, you have to configure Joomla on your own,
    even if the hosting company supports it.
    This article compares the top 4 features of these CMSs.

    • #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO-friendly)
    • #2 Plugins and Extensions
    • #3 Security
    • #4 Blog System

    #1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO-friendly)

    SEO is a major aspect when choosing the CMS for the website because we need to rank our website in the search engine results. Both Joomla and WordPress require plugins to make websites SEO-friendly.
    WordPress – It requires the Yoast SEO plugin to make your WordPress website SEO-friendly. With that, you can quickly fulfill the SEO aspects of your website.
    Joomla – Joomla requires SEO plugins such as Easy Front End SEO and JCH Optimize. But, the features of these plugins are less effective than WordPress plugins.
    Conclusion – In SEO aspects, both the CMS require plugins. So, we need to compare the effectiveness of the plugins here. Yoast SEO plugin is the winner, so WordPress is more SEO-friendly.

    #2 Plugins and Extensions

    Plugins and extensions play a significant role in increasing the usability of the website. Let’s see how many plugins are available in each CMS.
    WordPress – There are more than 54,000 free plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, along with 1000+ premium plugins.
    Joomla – You can find around 8000 free Joomla extensions in its directory.
    Conclusion – Comparing the number of plugins available, WordPress is the winner without a second thought.

    #3 Security

    You should always consider the security level of CMSs before you pick one for your website. Plugins decide the security standard of the Content Management System (CMS).
    WordPress – WordPress does not establish an automatic Security Socket Level connection on the dashboard. Therefore, you need to enable it manually or activate the 2-factor authentication process. This makes the website less secure, and its security features majorly depend on plugins. But, WordPress backup plugins add value to security.
    Joomla – Joomla establishes force connection over Security Socket Level (SSL). Also, it activates the Two-Factor authentication automatically. Many security and backup plugins are also available.
    Conclusion – Considering the security level of Joomla and WordPress, Joomla wins clearly. However, WordPress backup plugins help you download a copy of the website to secure it.

    #4 Blog System

    For every website, blogging is essential to reach a wide range of audiences. The CMS you choose should let you create a blog quickly.
    WordPress WordPress is ideally a blogging system. So, if you want a user-friendly blogging system for your website, WordPress is the right choice. In addition, it is simple and easy to start a blog on WordPress websites.
    Joomla – It requires more effort to build a blogging system on Joomla websites. Because of the complexity and coding knowledge necessary for development.
    Conclusion – WordPress is the best CMS for blogging systems. You can create pages, blogs, and pages in a few simple clicks.

    Final Thoughts on Joomla vs WordPress

    We cannot say Joomla is better than WordPress or vice versa because every CMS comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, based on your needs, you should go with the CMS that suits you better.
    Still not sure which one to choose? Don’t worry! Techies from Zaigo Infotech can assist you. Our web developers are well-versed in WordPress frameworks and Joomla. We help you choose the best CMS for your website based on your requirement. The best part is that we use cutting-edge technologies to provide customized solutions to organizations ranging from startups to Enterprises.
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