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    Hire Dedicated PHP Developers With Years of PHP

    Key Reasons to Hire PHP Developers

    Hire dedicated PHP developers in India and leverage the ideal blend of dependability, agility, and skill. As a result, you can reply on us as your technology partner. Hire dedicated PHP developers from our team and bring a wealth of knowledge and promising experiences to the table. Every one of our developers has a proven track record of completing successful PHP projects. Zaigo Infotech offers hourly, full-time, and part-time engagement models, as well as hourly, full-time, and part-time hiring. We can help you build your business by covering both B2B and B2C platforms. You will receive efficient solutions that meet your goals.

    Turnaround Time

    Turnaround Time

    To ensure the best quality development within a shorter duration, we offer talented PHP developers. They can give customized methods and implement the latest technologies for delivering the expected results for your project.

    Technical Expertise

    Technical Expertise

    Their profound technical expertise will allow you to add and modify complex functionality and web services. This will help you ideate PHP applications that you have imagined. They are useful for both new and existing applications.

    Community icon


    PHP has the largest community, where experts share their ideas and knowledge to solve queries or any advancement. This is a great advantage where they can get help from their community to create complex web apps.

    Cost-Effective icon


    Hiring PHP developers from IT staff augmentation companies will save lots of your IT budget. This is true if your company is working on a tight budget that proves to be highly beneficial making their dream app affordable.

    Hire PHP Developers and Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Skilled Developers icon

    Skilled Developers

    Hiring PHP developers from companies will give you an upperhand for their technical knowledge. For them, it can be simple to create even complex PHP applications when they can apply their profound knowledge.

    Service Ethics icon

    Service Ethics

    With professional PHP experts, they will stick to the timelines, work schedules, and will try to complete the project on time. The team may get a lot of support and technical help with any issues related to the project.



    Your project in the hands of experts, you can be assured that the success of your project is possible as they might have been in the industry for years. You will get high-quality work that might take years to complete with beginners.

    Qualified Experts

    Qualified Experts

    When you hire PHP developers from reputable development companies, you can be assured that you will get a highly qualified team with necessary knowledge and skills. You can expect the best abilities and results from them.

    Better ROI

    Better ROI

    PHP is known for its smoother web based application development, it can return high ROI as it can run across multiple platforms allowing the users to access your business anywhere. Get more work done effectively in less time.

    Competitive Edge

    Competitive Edge

    There is a risk of losing your competitive edge to hire skilled people as many employees work remotely and won’t prefer to return to office. This will reduce the possibility to recruit best PHP developers, so hiring from us helps.

    Focused on the End Result

    Reach out to us if you want to hire PHP Developer to help you with your result-oriented PHP projects. Our team has the ability to provide value to your company. Hire them depending on their flexible packages and for your own team.As PHP's popularity as a framework for generating dynamic websites grows, there is a significant demand to hire dedicated PHP developers who have the necessary skills to operate in the PHP framework. Hire PHP developers and avoid the costs of maintaining a regular staff while still completing your project on schedule.

    Zaigo Infotech is a reputable company with enthusiastic employees who create custom PHP solutions using agile approaches. At competitive pricing, we offer a flexible hiring process.

    Hire Offshore PHP Developers And Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Hire PHP developers from our team and bring a wealth of knowledge and promising experiences to the table. Every one of our developers has a proven track record of completing successful PHP projects. Zaigo Infotech offers hourly, full-time, and part-time engagement models, as well as hourly, full-time, and part-time hiring.

    Technologies Expertise in PHP

    Our dedicated PHP development team will successfully deliver custom projects for small businesses to enterprises alike. You can see that when you hire PHP programmers from us, they are also specialized in Laravel and Codelgniter and many other PHP frameworks.

    Our PHP Framework

    Laravel  Framework
    Codeigniter Framework
    CakePHP Framework
    Symfony Framework
    Zend Framework
    Zend Framework
    FuelPHP Framework
    Yii Framework
    Slim Framework

    Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers

    We'll begin our hiring process by asking you to submit your qualifications. We have a dedicated analyst team that will examine your requirements and provides the best solution for your project. You have the option to hire PHP programmers as a team or a single PHP developer. Then we'll talk about the parameters and deadlines for the engagement, which will be established together.

    We'll get back to you with answers to your questions and a full overview of the project. It assists us in identifying the appropriate resources for your project. Finally, your chosen developer(s) will begin working on your project once the project has been finalized and a portion of the payment has been made.

    Cost Effective
    Cost Effective

    To ensure that the app functions well, obtain high-quality, perfect, and bug-free optimized codes produced by expert programmers and developers.

    Remote | Hybrid | Onsite
    Remote | Hybrid | Onsite

    Hiring offshore PHP developers will help you build projects with saved time and cost, removing the headache of dealing with many vendors.

    Effortless | No risk
    Effortless, No Risk

    We’ll offer a dedicated project manager to oversee your PHP project and maintain open lines of communication between you and the entire development team.

    Bringing the Top 1% Talented PHP Developers to Deliver Top Web Solutions

    Make use of our hiring models to hire PHP developers

    Our expert PHP developers will strategically share the same vision of your project where we will have a clear website roadmap implementation, web portals to even social networking sites. We sure can use the best knowledge and practices with agile development. With a convenient engagement model, reduce the time to market for your project.

    Process of Part Time Hiring


    Duration: 4 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (80 Hrs/Month)

    Billing: Monthly

    Timeline: Based on Project

    Process of Full Time Hiring


    Duration: 8 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (160 Hrs/Month)

    Billing: Monthly

    Timeline: Based on Project

    Process of Flexible Hiring


    Duration: 8 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (160 Hrs/Month)

    Billing: Weekly/Daily/Monthly

    Timeline: Based on Project

    Hire PHP Developers in 4 Easy Steps

    Upon your project requirement, Zaigo infotech will identify the best resources that are duly updated with the tech stack that is required for the project. After assigning skilled developers for your project, you can go ahead and happily concentrate on your business activities while we take care of your project.

    Process of  Hiring Flutter Developer in East Steps
    Client Case Study

    Case Study

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You get a 100 percent money-back guarantee, on-time project execution, rigorous non-disclosure agreement, easy team scalability up and down, and no contract lock-ins when you hire dedicated PHP developer. You'll also have the chance to work with the top 2% of PHP developers in India, who have an average of 5 years of experience.

    PHP is one of the most extensively used open-source frameworks for building scalable, feature-rich web applications. Dedicated PHP developers are in high demand these days, thanks to the advent of PHP technology, which makes it easier to design web applications at a lower cost. So, for your forthcoming project, you can go ahead and hire dedicated PHP developers.

    Yes, we offer dedicated PHP developers in a variety of industries, including Banking & Finance, Retail & ECommerce, Healthcare, Logistics & Transportation, Media & Entertainment, Automotive, Travel & Tourism, Publishing & Advertising, and so on. So go ahead and employ programmers for your specific industry online.

    Each customer is assigned a project management executive and free communication once the resources are on board. For regular communication and query resolution, the project coordinator serves as a single point of contact.

    Our PHP web programmers are all in-house and have undergone a rigorous hiring and training process. This ensures that programmers are qualified and that they are tested on a regular basis, as well as assisting them in learning new technologies and staying current.

    Industries We Serve

    We are actively transforming a lot of industries contributing to their business, growth, and competitive advantages. Our IT experts have extended knowledge, skills, and expertise in handling stringent processes and decision stages to help you grow. We offer tailor-made IT solutions for any category of your business meeting the current technology needs of your particular industry. Our experts can align any shape and size of your business from small, mid, and multinational enterprises providing cutting-edge solutions to all our clients.


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