Must Have Features In Mobile Application Development

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    9 Must Have Features In Mobile Application Development

    must have features for mobile application development

    When you glance around, you’ll notice that everyone is absorbed in their smartphones. A professional is studying an e-paper using his smartphone, a woman is reviewing her youtube films, a restaurateur is looking over food orders, and a tourist is attempting to find the next destination. Are they genuinely absorbed in their iPhones, these people? Don’t believe it; it’s the applications that keep kids glued to their devices. A well-made app will “smarten” up your phone. In fact, there are several significant trends in mobile application development that will have a greater influence in the future as a result of the growth of IoT, AR/ VR, VR technology, and AI technologies. These cutting-edge technologies have been combined to provide users with an engaging experience.

    This blog post will go through all the top smartphone app functionalities that will set the app and mobile app developer apart in its particular niche.

    Mobile Application Development – Essential Features

    A mobile application can only amass a following by enticing users and convincing them to use it regularly with their precious time. Here are the essential mobile application development features that, regardless of the sector, will give your app a competitive edge.

    Allow Signup

    Every program has signups as a necessary component, which are usually required at the beginning. Users are required to provide their personal information, including their email, contact information, physical address, and others, which can be overwhelming. Modern mobile application developers give users some breathing room by letting them navigate the app for a while without pressuring them to sign up right away. This helps to lower the first barrier that holds individuals back from using the site’s features and surfing. Second, social signups and phone number signups speed up the registration procedure, which would otherwise upset consumers.


    Users dislike switching between screens to monitor their purchasing, loyalty points, and other information in the digital world. The users are satisfied since a single dashboard makes it easy for them to quickly find the most recent orders, the cost of those products, the loyalty points gained, and the offers and coupons in their bucket.

    Location Control

    By targeting consumers according to their location, you may increase conversion possibilities and user engagement. Businesses may give customers bespoke alerts that are tailored to their location choices thanks to location management. For instance, it has been discovered that delivering coupon codes during the US Christmas season increases visitation and conversion rates. The consumers will receive pertinent messages from the online store when they enable their geolocation services, taking it a step further and mixing it with brick-and-mortar stores. Users may check the precise location of the orders and locate the warehouses or offices thanks to map integration.

    Search Function

    Users may easily navigate through the products or services they want using a tiered app navigation system. It takes a bit longer, though. Users thus choose to utilize the in-app search tool directly. With people’s need for convenience growing, there is a demand for sophisticated in-app searching that makes searching simple. The advanced search function makes the information extremely accessible by providing auto-suggestions as users begin to type, auto-correction, presenting cached terms already used for searching, and other features.

    Integration with Payment Gateway

    In order to prevent customers from leaving their carts empty just because they can’t find their chosen payment method, mobile application development must support several payment methods. The majority of mobile payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and 3rd payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and others, are available through commercial mobile applications. Security is essential because consumers would rather donate their financial information than constantly enter it. Sensitive financial information is protected by two-factor authentication, which entails sending an OTP to mobile devices followed by verification.

    Enable Evaluations and Comments

    The importance of reviews and comments is revealed by Glispa’s research. This study found that 93% of participants said they were at least somewhat likely to provide reviews if the company specifically requested it. An even more intriguing finding was that 97% of survey participants said they were quite likely to remain, satisfied consumers if they realized that their feedback had been taken into account.

    Contains Analytics

    Obtaining pertinent information on customer expectations and experiences is crucial for any business. It won’t be enough to simply publish your program on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store; you must continuously monitor app performance to identify places for improvement, which is doable using analytics. You may provide your users with a better-tailored experience by using analytics. Without analytics, it is quite challenging to evaluate the ROI and monitor the development of your software. Using analytics, you can create better deals and upgrade the app more effectively.

    Integration Into Social Media

    4.48 bn social media accounts confirm that the sage Greek philosopher was correct, so it appears. Users adore sharing their favorite items on social media, whether it’s a deal, a piece of content, or a high-quality item. A social networking sharing feature integration will unquestionably have a long-lasting effect. You may also request individuals log in using their Google or Facebook accounts, giving you crucial access to their connections. Additionally, it will enable you to communicate directly with members of social networking sites.

    Push Notification

    Whenever the phone is locked, push notifications are crucial for keeping the user interested. For a better understanding of how precisely it makes things simpler, let’s look at some statistics;

    • Push notifications to increase app retention rates by three to ten times.
    • One push message given to a new customer within the first week they download the app increases retention by 71% over the course of two months.
    • The outcomes of the push notifications with CTA buttons were 40–60% better.

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