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    Hire The Top 1% Dedicated Laravel Developers In 2023 With These Skills

    Key Qualities to Look for in a Dedicated Laravel Developer

    If you’re planning to create a contemporary web application, you might need to hire a dedicated Laravel developer with expertise in Laravel. What sets Laravel developers apart, and what abilities do they require? Laravel is a powerful and full-featured framework that PHP developers often favor when constructing a wide range of web applications. Employing Laravel effectively can expand the scope of what is possible and open up numerous development prospects.

    But while modern technologies like Laravel can provide you with a competitive advantage, they can also make it difficult to locate the proper expertise. This means that designing a hiring process to hire a dedicated Laravel developer can be a difficult task at times.

    Be on the lookout for these essential skills that a Laravel developer must possess.

    Why Should You Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers?

    Hiring Laravel developers comes with a lot of benefits. Whether it’s an application or web development, flexibility and scalability are essential. Dedicated Laravel developers stay updated with the latest technologies, allowing them to bring next-gen features that help your company grow. When you hire a dedicated Laravel developer, you get robust applications built with next-gen tech stacks that are efficient, functional, scalable, and cost-effective.

    Familiarity with Programming Languages

    A thorough understanding of fundamental web technologies is crucial for Laravel programmers. They must have proficient knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to build and deploy applications successfully.

    To evaluate the expertise of Laravel developers, it’s essential to ask them interview questions that cover these technologies. Understanding the significance of these programming languages is crucial not only for Laravel developers but for all web developers.

    HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is the foundation of creating web applications. It uses tags to identify various types of elements and content. In simple terms, HTML enables developers to differentiate elements such as cover titles, body text, and subheadings on a website.

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), on the other hand, are responsible for determining how HTML elements are displayed on the front end of the page. While HTML provides tools for structuring content during website development, CSS enhances and styles it.

    JavaScript, a logic-based programming language, takes website development to the next level. Its primary function is to modify the website’s content to give it different behavior. All the call-to-actions (CTAs) or confirmation boxes that appear daily on websites are created using JavaScript.

    PHP, a general-purpose programming language, is used to develop interactive and high-performance websites. It can be embedded into HTML, making it easier to add functionality to web pages without having to reference external files for data. Since Laravel is one of the PHP frameworks, programmers that work with Laravel are more likely to need PHP knowledge.

    A Good Understanding of MVC and OOP

    Proficiency in MVC and OOP is necessary for a Laravel developer. MVC (Model View Controller) is an architectural pattern that facilitates swift and concurrent application development. Since Laravel is founded on MVC architecture, it’s crucial to employ a Laravel programmer with a strong comprehension of the MVC architecture. Moreover, as Laravel employs an object-oriented programming (OOP) approach, a Laravel developer must be knowledgeable about methods, traits, and classes.

    Database Management System Skills

    Having proficiency in DBMS is essential for Laravel programmers. They must possess expertise in managing database systems, including data manipulation and database structure management, making data sharing quick and efficient for end-users throughout the organization. Organized databases can help businesses monitor their performance. Therefore, before you decide to hire Laravel developers, it’s crucial to assess the candidate’s skills in this area. Popular database management systems include MySQL, Oracle 12c, and Microsoft SQL.

    Project Management Framework Expertise

    Laravel developers should also have experience with project management frameworks. These frameworks are essential in technology and focus on the tools, processes, and tasks necessary for building a project from start to finish, providing a methodology that results in successful outcomes. Some of the most commonly used project management frameworks include Agile and Waterfall.

    Having knowledge of these frameworks is essential if you’re looking to hire dedicated Laravel developers to collaborate with other team members while working on your next project.

    A Laravel developer needs to know about the latest updates to the framework. Framework versions are continuously updated with new features to enhance the development experience, and Laravel is no exception. Therefore, when hiring a Laravel developer, it’s important to ensure that they are enthusiastic about learning new updates and features.

    During the interview process, you can also inquire about any new features that have been recently added to Laravel.

    Cloud Computing & API Knowledge

    In addition to Laravel-specific skills, a skilled Laravel developer must also know about cloud computing and APIs. They must be knowledgeable about server management programs like Nginx and Apache as well as cloud computing technologies like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Moreover, they should have experience handling various APIs such as RESTful and be familiar with concepts like SOAP, MVC, and OOP.

    Along with technical expertise, soft skills are just as important for judging a Laravel developer’s quality. The following are some crucial soft talents to assess:

    Communication Abilities

    It’s critical to confirm a Laravel developer has the necessary team-working abilities before hiring them. Engineers should be capable of effectively conveying their ideas because it might be difficult to explain technical specifics to team colleagues or stakeholders who are not technical.

    Team Player

    Teamwork is essential for managing difficult tasks. Therefore, it is crucial to check for strong team players when employing new developers. According to CBInsights, a lack of teammate communication can cause startups to fail, making this ability essential. At times it’s better to hire a dedicated development team than hire dedicated developers to augment your in-house team. However, it solely depends on the project’s complexity, needs, and requirements.

    Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Ability

    Scripting a website can be challenging because it needs a lot of original thought to make a site look distinctive. While developing a website project, the developer should be creative and find solutions to problems. hire dedicated Laravel developers who, above all, are confident in their job and who can support other teammates in making important judgments.

    Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers With Zaigo Infotech

    Now you know what are the essential skills and qualities to look for in dedicated Laravel developers. Laravel is the go-to technology for all your web development needs. But (Yep, there’s always a “but”) finding the Laravel programmer who possesses the technical skills and soft skills matters the most.

    As a renowned Laravel development company in Chennai, we’ve worked with companies, where our partners have spent exorbitant amounts of money on developers who didn’t meet their expectations. We have experienced developers whose core strength is Laravel.

    We know how hard it’s to find the right talent for the right project without spending too much time on hiring a dedicated developer, which impacts the project delivery timeline and quality. What if I told you that “you can hire dedicated Laravel developers in just 4 simple steps?” 4 simple and a couple of weeks is all it takes to complete your project efficiently, on time, and within your budget.

    Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers With Zaigo Infotech

    Our team of expert Laravel developers can build your dream project from scratch. With years of experience in developing high-quality Laravel applications, we guarantee to deliver top-notch results.

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