Reason To Use MVP in Custom Software Application Development

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    Top 5 Reasons Why You Need MVP Before Starting custom software application development

    Top Reasons To Use MVP Before Starting Custom Software Application Development

    If you are thinking of MVP before getting started with your custom software application development and are looking for more information on the same, you are at the right place. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a simpler version of a digital product made for the target audience and can be developed and enhanced with other features according to the requirements.

    To make it simple, MVP is nothing but launching a product with a limited but essential core feature of the Product in the market for the target audience to use. After some time, with the wants and needs of the audience, it can be modified and enhanced for a better user experience, just like how Instagram only had options to post photos and videos and later introduced reels which almost all of us love. Launching a product with just the core features to gain users and create awareness that a product like this exists.

    If you have an idea of launching a custom software application development, instead of going out and launching all the features, you can start with the MVP and then go ahead and enhance it with all the features you think it requires.

    Top 5 Reasons Why You Need An MVP


    If you are to launch a custom software application development just like that without MVP, you tend to bombard the audience with lots and lots of features and tend to miss out on the core feature that you would like to provide. Furthermore, if you create a product with many features in one go, it would be difficult for you to define your brand and what exactly you offer.

    So it is better to start with the core feature, the primary service you offer, and then add and enhance features to make the service more user-friendly.

    For example, when you take Whatsapp started as a messaging application with limited but effective core features that people needed. And once when it got recognition, people started using it, and they went ahead and added a story feature, Stickers, GIFs, status, and so on.

    Testing The Idea

    Testing your idea is one of the main reasons for you to use MVP as you might have an idea to start a custom software application development, and you might think that your idea is great and people would love it.

    But there are quite a lot of things that go behind creating an application, and you can’t blindly trust your instinct and go ahead about it. So when it comes to business, as much as it is important to trust your instincts and ideas, it is best to test the waters and see if people like it. End of the day, we create a product for the people, and they are the ones to decide.

    So testing the idea and improvising it with the feedback from users is a great thing for your business, and this is where MVP helps you.

    Attract The Investors

    Finding an Investor is one of the most crucial tasks of any business. Launching MVP helps you attract your potential investors with the features that you offer. Once you have a strong core product/feature that your target audience loves, finding an investor is just a piece of cake.

    Cost Cutting

    Building an application from scratch requires a hell lot of manpower, time, and most importantly, money. Instated spending a ton of money on developing every little feature of the app during the launch itself will only increase the amount of money you spend.


    Yes, it takes a lot of time and resources to create everything from scratch with all the features at once. But if you launch an MVP and upgrade it based on the feedback, you can develop a robust software product that stands the test of time.

    You are going to create a product that can be modified and enhanced. So why waste your time doing all of it at once? It is better to launch with just the core service offers and keep the remaining features for later. Once you get the feedback from the early adopters, you can go ahead and add all the features that you want.

    Now that you have decided to go ahead with MVP before launching your custom software, you need to find a perfect software development partner that does it for you.

    Before choosing a team, make sure you keep a few things in mind:

    Top 4 Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Software Development Partner


    You need to discuss your goals and convey what you have in mind to your software development team. Defining and sticking to your goals is important as it gives the team a clear idea of what you expect and how they can do it for you.


    Choosing a team who communicates and keeps you in the loop of everything that happens in the project is important. You cannot just give them a project and not know anything about it unless it is done. Having effective communication helps correct any changes or mistakes immediately and ensures a smoother overall process.

    Industry Experts

    When you hire a team, you expect great results. But it is your responsibility to choose a team with industry experts who has years of expertise to help you achieve the results that you are looking for.

    Customer Reviews

    It is a no-brainer to check the customer reviews of an agency that you choose to work with. Customer reviews and customer satisfaction is what makes an agency trustable.


    Minimum Viable Product is more like a trailer for your big movie, and it has a lot of benefits, as discussed above. If you are looking to build your software application, make sure you launch MVP and then customize and enhance it with customer feedback.

    If you are looking for one piece of advice before starting with your MVP, some companies tend to overdo the idea of minimum, which makes people question the overall existence of the app. So make sure you strike a balance and provide what is necessary at the moment and what can be added in the later stage.

    How Can Zaigo Help You With An MVP?

    We at Zaigo help you with end-to-end custom application development services and stay with you throughout the process. With over 7+ years of experience in delivering successful MVPs that evolved as a big hit in the market, we assure to provide customer satisfaction at a competitive market price. We have a team of industry excerpts who helps launch your software with great quality at the expected date.

    Custom Software Product Development Services for Startups

    Do you face challenges in producing cost-effective software? We are always available to assist you and to impart our practical knowledge.

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