Web Development Trends Every Business Should Know

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    Top 12 Pioneering Web Development Trends in 2022

    Web Development Trends Every Business Should Know

    Our experts at Zaigo Infotech can see the breakneck speed of changes in web development trends every year. If you are a business owner willing to create a great website, you must adapt to new changes to keep up with the competition and attract more potential customers.

    In the world of web development, it makes it challenging to deliver the best custom web application development services. Nonetheless, we continuously strive to update our team, skill sets, and resources to keep up the pace. These are the top 12 latest web development trends to check out –

    Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    Loved by many top brands, PWAs have become a necessity and a 2022’s web development trends since the spike in mobile phone users. It functions as an all-native application giving a complete native device experience.

    PWAs result in favorable changes for businesses and users. PWAs are developed with known web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But they leave you with the functionalities of an actual native app.

    Some benefits of PWAs are

    • Seamless installation
    • It saves device storage and power
    • Cost-effective support and development
    • Smoother updates and maintenance
    • It’s easier deployment and launch
    • Flexible distribution

    This is undoubtedly gonna be a game-changer for businesses in the coming years for its usage and high profitability. Being a custom web application development company, we can see the progressive results of using PWAs on our clients.

    Dark Mode UI

    The dark mode trend is the most attractive and has visual website design patterns making it easier for the users to enjoy the web. Many top companies like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Google are laying their hand on this technology.

    We think this trend will still be popular throughout the world, as it has a lot of benefits, less taxing for the eyes, and more comfortable to use.

    Advantages of Dark Mode UI

    • Saves battery life
    • Less eye strain
    • Reduces blue-light emissions
    • Legible and accessible
    • Employes less opacity

    Voice searches in mobile and web apps are slowly adapting and are predicted to reach a higher reach in the coming years. The global market for smart speakers is expected to reach over USD 15.6 billion by 2025.

    While we deliver our custom web application development services, voice search optimization is a crucial and a must technical SEO strategy to stand out among their competitors. Voice search typically facilitates speech synthesis and speech recognition. Speech synthesis is a text-to-speech element that enables scripts to read written content. Speech recognition identifies voice context and responds to queries.

    Benefits of Voice Search

    • Make SEO campaigns effective
    • Answer customer queries quickly
    • Increase trust and customer loyalty

    Serverless Architecture

    Serverless architecture is the fastest-growing cloud computing platform. Web application developers can just focus on the product instead of maintenance, infrastructure, and scaling in less time. It replaces the regular servers with machine resource consumption which is forecasted to use IoT apps, products, and services that require backend requests.

    Benefits Of Serverless Architecture

    • Enhanced scalability and App flexibility
    • Faster time-to-market
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Only pay for the resource you use
    • Delegated maintenance
    • Easy integration of new features

    Mobile-First Development Approach

    In a real-world sense, it is a loss if you didn’t prioritize a mobile-first strategy. Imagine, that people always have smartphones in their hands to do their everyday tasks or informal stuff. This is why a consistent and smooth mobile experience is required to win your customers.

    When you are going for any web development outsourcing services, always check on how effective your web or mobile app will run to get a smoother app use.

    Advantages of Mobile-First Development

    • Responsive and Better UX
    • Fewer Bugs/Errors
    • Content-First Design
    • Faster Load Times

    Web Assembly

    Web applications that are planned to be built with so much complexity, functionalities, and heavy calculations might affect user experience. This is why most powerful web applications (such as online gaming and simulations) are available “only on desktop” all these years. Web application developers can code in any of your preferred programming languages and compile it into bytecodes that can run on the browser right away.

    It is totally worth it if you are planning to build a music app, image or video editor, training app, 3D mapping app, online multiplayer gaming, etc.

    They can run on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox Browsers, etc.

    Benefits of WebAssembly

    • Speed and flexibility
    • Accessed from anywhere
    • Near-native speed
    • Multiple programming languages

    AI Chatbots

    An AI-Powered chatbot is assigned to every visitor to guide their way through their mobile or web application. They answer your queries that aren’t readily available at the current screen they are browsing at.

    In the near future, web application developers can leverage the customer’s flow, interests, and online behaviors to pave a profitable journey. It can collect accurate data, solve real-time issues, and other frequent questions.

    Pros of Chatbots

    • Cultivates loyal customer base
    • Faster operations
    • Collects audience data for better offerings
    • Reduced human resources in customer services
    • Improved user experience

    Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology gives secure digital transactions and an immutable kind of digital security. Since it is decentralized, it is very hard to manipulate data. Blockchain tech has great potential in the coming years. The peak of its time starts when many websites, mobile apps, and web portals start to add bitcoin wallets for digital transactions.

    You can consult an innovative and result-driven web portal development company like ours to add your first digital wallet for your business.

    Some Benefits of Blockchain Technology are

    • Error-free digital transactions
    • High on data security
    • Better visibility and traceability of digital transactions
    • Smart contracts
    • Profitable and scalable

    Single Page Application (SPA)

    As the name suggests, SPAs is a single-page web trend that is designed to have everything on a single page making it super-easy for the users to make decisions and navigate. It is a new-gen trend that is faster, easier, and more efficient with loading time.

    Since many people gravitate to web application-like experiences such as Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, and social networking platforms, it is highly expected to get its transition.

    Pros of Single Page Applications (SPAs)

    • Cost-effective
    • Easy-to-use
    • Minimal bounce rates
    • Dynamic content
    • Easy debugging

    Push Notifications

    Push notifications are clickable pop-ups with messages/offers/discounts that a user can view use while browsing. Web application developers can apply these on any rendering device like laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This is almost a favorite feature of PWBs to grab users’ attention and retention rates.

    This has replaced traditional email communications. It can be easily applied to online shopping websites, existing blogs, and other websites.

    Here are the pros of push notifications

    • Maximized user experience
    • Increased traffic and click-rates
    • Promising ROI
    • Easy for brand messaging
    • Faster and easy integration


    Multi-Experience is the whole digital experience that a user gets with digital sources like apps, chatbots, websites, wearable devices, etc. It promotes a consistent and seamless user experience. This multi-experience allows you to communicate well with your customers across different devices.

    Benefits of Multi-Experience

    • Scalable and promising brand awareness
    • An array of front-end tools and backend services
    • Low-code frameworks

    API-first Development

    API-first development was introduced when there is a spike in demand for communicating with external applications and products. This soon turns out to be the web application developer’s cumbersome and time-consuming process.

    This allows the development team to simultaneously on different functionalities and integrations as it is easier to section it by components. This results in faster development, integrations, testing, and deployment.

    Advantages of API-First Development

    • Developer-friendly
    • Reliable and consistent
    • Improved customer experience
    • Reduced cost of development
    • Easy to adapt

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