How To Choose The Best Tech Stack For Startup?

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    How to pick the best technology stack for your startup?

    Just like you build a home, your tech startup or web application will need the right technology stack to make your project work. Many good startups fail due to poor implementation just like wearing designer clothes with an outdated handbag.


    Launch your startup fast, scale quickly, sustain it with multiple issues and not shut down.


    First, what is a tech stack?


    A tech stack is a set of programming languages, libraries and tools for creating a software product. It typically has two sides – server side and client-side also known as front-end and back-end.


    Choosing the right technology stack has a long-term impact on our software application.
    Some of the impacts are as follows,

    • Performance of your application
    • Scalability of your application
    • Storage of data and security of your application
    • Our cloud hosting solutions

    Software and IT trends change in the blink of an eye but it is crucial to keep yourself updated with trends to shine in the market.


    Top factors to consider while choosing your startup tech stack

    1. Accessibility

    Choose the readily available tech stack that can be shuffled between mobile/web development. And, one should also consider the technology’s price and cost of the developer.

    • Pick the tech stack that is most convenient and easy to access for both the developers and the company.
    • Usually, the most popular and up-to-date technology, and the more expensive it is, the more competitive you will find to attract the best talents. Finding an alternative tech stack will also help and cover your budget.

    Note: Pick a tech stack that motivates the developers on your team. Businesses generally want stability whereas tech people always look for innovation and chase new technologies. This is the best way to retain the developers. Over the years, old-fashioned tech won’t attract new talents into your company. Bitter truth right?


    Let’s continue with the next factor,


    2. Community

    The tech stack you choose should have an active and vibrant community. The more active your tech community is, the more learning resources and support the developers will have to nail the latest trends and to support the technical issues.


    It is a key factor that any developer will love when they are in the process of mobile or web application development.


    3. Time to market

    For a startup to succeed, speed and timing are critical. Check your competition and make sure you are the first one to launch the jackpot. The longer you are stuck in the development phase, the more money you will spend.


    Your investments come in handy if you are not bootstrapped. It’s a race to the top.


    4. Scalability

    Choose a tech stack that is easily scalable. Make sure your tech can handle multiple requests as it grows. With hundreds of requests per day, your product should function perfectly but this will continue as you gain traction and get more requests.


    5. Project size

    The perfect size of a startup is not about creating the largest startup but rather about gradual business growth. Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will allow you to collect necessary feedback from your target audience and determine which features are missing.


    6. Project type

    Your technology stack for web applications or mobile apps will be heavily influenced by whether you want to build a marketplace, a social network app, or a file hosting service. Complex and combined platforms need specially designed web technologies.

    • Ruby is an excellent choice for creating a marketplace or e-commerce website. Fiverr, Airbnb, Shopify, and Couchsurfing are a few examples.
    • Python is a good choice for a social media networking app. Just like Facebook or Instagram.
    • Are you planning to create a game similar to Minecraft? Then select Java.
    7. Mobile vs Web App

    You need to pick the right development requirement. This works only if you know your target audience well enough. How would your customer use a mobile or web application? If it is a mobile app, is it an Android-based app or an iOS app?


    Finishing up

    No technology stack is a perfect fit for every type of web or mobile application. Each tech stack has its own pros and is designed to solve a particular set of problems. So, picking the right technology stack is important for your tech startup or web development project.


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