8 Key Benefits of Hiring a Professional Web Development Team

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    Top 8 Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Team

    Most businesses cannot win in 2021 without a strong online presence. In every facet of a business, a world-class website leverages the best in terms of customer experience.

    Not only does it serve a beautiful website design but represents your brand that aligns with your future objectives. Your website should reflect a world-class look as well as be capable of adding seasonal/conditional features on demand.

    The majority of the Millennials and Gen-Z have their own DIY websites drag & drop website builders catering to both technical and non-technical people alike.

    While anyone can brag themselves as a “website designer”, do you know why businesses still invest in web development companies? Because over 62% of the companies saw a gradual boost in sales after applying a good responsive design. Okay but why “now”? Since Covid-19, It is said that 68% of the consumers expect high-quality digital capabilities to judge the quality of a brand.

    Plus, you could get 360-degree coverage for the SDLC plan and beyond.

    Let’s dig down further on the advantages of hiring a dedicated web development team.

    1. You can have a Faster and Responsive Website

    When a visitor is browning your website, site performance and speed factor a lot to their overall online experience.

    It is recorded that slow-loading websites cost $2.6 billion dollars in revenue every year. And it is a matter of 15 seconds for a purchase decision or a CTA and a maximum of 6 seconds in the main image.

    If your website isn’t fast enough, you can see an increase in bounce rate.

    2. Increase your visibility with an SEO-optimized website

    You will get extra brownie points for a clean code and advanced SEO optimization unlike a regular DIY website (with limited options). SEO plays a significant part in web page ranking potential to elevate your business to the next level.

    Your website must also adapt with customized workflows with your SEO objectives and industry demands. All these can be attained with the help of a great web development team who are aware of the latest SEO guidelines for the search engine crawlers to index your new website without errors.

    3. Modern & Visually Appealing Website Design

    A web development company can pull off complex impressive design elements that could match your brand. Moreover, you can create dynamic and user-friendly UI and optimized UX for your website.

    It is seen to be loved by many new users if the website acts more personalized (location, browsing history, account) rather than a static website.

    You will be presented with top-notch web designs that might perfectly match your brand or services (rather than a bunch of templates). It can radiate a good first impression on your consumers.

    4. Create a Trustworthy Website

    People research a lot of social evidence before trusting a brand such as certificates, social media profiles and brand identity (logo). It is noted that 75% of the visitors trust a second opinion of a brand and almost 85% make a purchase when they see a trusted personal recommendation from the verified customer. 

    A really good functional design with the ability to integrate with multiple platforms defines a clean professional look.

    An all-star website will assure a consumer that they can rely on the company behind the website.

    5. Save a Heck a Lot Of Time

    Every feature on a DIY website usually has a wide range of plugins, installations and synchronization. It takes a great deal of technical knowledge and long hours to create an interactive design. An experienced user can tell the difference between a smooth website vs a website put together in a hurry.

    You can focus on other aspects of your business rather than a website while an experienced website designer will make it better for you.

    6. Design or Customer Support are just a few clicks away

    The greatest perk of having a web development company is the additional customer support offered by the professionals (even after the deployment). Not only can they debug errors within the time limit but also supports 360-degree support for all your queries round-the-clock.

    7. Flaunt with latest mobile-optimized technologies

    A good design replicates on both desktop and mobile layouts regardless of their layout. The users would rather prefer a high-compatibility design regardless of the device or OS used.

    More than 4.28 billion users browse from their mobile or tablets and the numbers will continue to grow.

    8. Scale-up with Next-gen features

    To stand out in Gen-Z, it is crucial to design and develop industry-specific digital tactics to rank your brand in the coming years. Stay ahead with best practices to showcase your leadership.

    In the end,

    It is your choice on what best fits the bill. Ask yourself a lot of questions on why a web design company can match your brand before hiring one.

    What are your brand’s objectives? What key features do you need in your website? What theme works best for you? Which coding language do you prefer? Can the web development company apply the best practices? What are the technical goals you will acquire in the near future?

    A perfect web development company will align with the industry’s best innovative solutions.

    We at Zaigo Infotech offer futuristic web and mobile applications best aligned to your dynamic needs. You can hire web designers, developers, managers and testers who support all layers in your SDLC process.

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