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    Full Stack Developers or Specialized Developers – Which is best?

    Full Stack Developers or Specialized Developers - Which is best?

    Major changes in the IT sector have redefined the way of hiring developers, as they expect a diverse range of skill sets.

    Start-ups in the IT/software industry love the pros of “Jack of all” also known as Full-stack developers. It is quite assumed to be true that they can handle everything. But who do you approach for more specialized projects? Caution, if identified wrongly, a person who you thought the best might end up being the not-so-right person for the job.

    Well, you can either hire developers according to the need of the hour or by contract or full-time. It totally depends on your requirements. (Where will you go? Zaigo Infotech. We offer a wide range of developers to your project requirement.)

    First, you must understand the key differences between a full-stack developer and a specialized developer. Some notable differences are as follows.

    Full-stack developer Specialized developer
    Handles both front-end and back-end Either front-end or back-end
    Best for small projects
    (End-to-end software development)
    Best for large projects
    (requires a team to finish the lifecycle)
    Highly economical More expensive
    Good with time-constrained jobs Needs sufficient time
    Low complexity projects Advanced/complex projects
    Reduced meetings/discussions Frequent meetings/discussions
    Dependability is high (hard to continue without them Less dependability (The project may continue with the help of others)
    Errors/Bugs cannot be directly assigned easily Easier for clients to report a bug due to transparency


    Businesses may need both full-stack developers and specialized developers based on the requirement. It all drills down to “when”, “what” and “why” to hire a full-stack developer or a specialized developer.

    When to Hire a Full-Stack Developer?

    When an idea has to be deployed quickly. They are most preferred by startups and new IT/software projects as they manage with less time, budget, and resources. They do wonders if you want to hassle without a big team.

    They are cross-disciplined and can overlap with any issues from the front end or back end smoothly. Also, they take responsibility for the entire project instead of picking a part of it.

    Why do businesses pick Full-Stack Developers and What Can They Offer?

    Full-stack developers are skilled with a vast pool of the latest IT technologies and are very versatile in application development. They can offer a variety of skill sets instantaneously like,

    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Database
    • Software Testing
    • UI & UX design
    • Architecture, roadmap, and scalability.

    They don’t necessarily build software from scratch involving many hours of manual coding. Instead, they smartly use developer frameworks, tools, and libraries, to reduce the work.

    When to hire a Specialized Developer?

    If you got a long-term and more complex requirement, then a specialized developer can nail the best. They can leverage their field of expertise to develop a precise and high-level software solution.

    They can drill down in-depth technical concepts and work with a team of specialists to complete a project. They use specialized tools, frameworks, and workflows to make a high-quality project.

    Why Do Businesses Pick Specialized Developers and What Can They Offer?

    Specialized developers have a great knack to code and deliver even the advanced technical requirements. They are the immediate “go-to” person to discuss a complex technical project.

    They most probably offer the best solution to a complex technical requirement. They are known for

    • Practical knowledge of the latest technology
    • Advanced coding/technical knowledge
    • Assists better with complex projects

    Unlike full-stack developers, we cannot define a specialized developer. For example, a Python developer will work with

    • Python frameworks such as Flask, Bottle, Web2Py
    • Knowledge of Python libraries
    • Familiarity with ORM libraries
    • Version control tools

    We hope we have made a clear distinction between these two types. We can conclude that it can never be categorized without knowing the requirements of the project (It varies from project to project ).

    Carefully pick your developers to avoid unmet goals. If you are still confused, our experts can guide you better. Deemed as one of the top offshore developers, we can clearly lay out the best plan for a requirement. At Zaigo Infotech, we offer a team of dedicated developers to handle your project.

    We are a team of skilled remote developers who can scale up your IT needs 10x better than before. With Zaigo Infotech, you can hire remote developers to handle your IT requirement, you can focus on closing your business deals.

    We have got your back!

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