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More than 70% of the internet users in the world use internet through their mobile phones. That is the reason why many online businesses are going completely mobile. If you want to capture the attention of the customers mobile application development should be one of the best. Zaigo Infotech is a mobile application development company in USA and India popular for its dedicated service in taking care of everything right from concept to delivery of mobile app development.

Mobile application development has been a game changer not only for start-ups but also for many ecommerce businesses and services. Mobile apps can be used to increase customer loyalty. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers. The direct communication is established through in-app purchases, advertisements, promotions, and push notifications sent to customers phones through mobile apps. Developing a highly interactive mobile application is a blessing for the business owners as well as the users.


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    Mobile Application Design and development services

    Zaigo Infotech mobile app developers use the leading technologies to deliver you user friendly, highly scalable and fully interactive mobile applications which meet your specific business requirements.

    Mobile app consultation

    Much can be done to perfection and produce perfect tech-solutions for your business growth only when we get to strategize after thorough requirement analysis and information gathering.

    Zaigo mobile app expert will be ready to provide a complete consultation based on the business requirement and the project goal. The tech stack that needs to be used based on the platforms you want to build the application.

    Custom Mobile app design

    Best products and experiences are built with a design first. Designing a mobile app tailored specifically for your business needs is the prime focus of a custom mobile app design service. You know your business, and we know to design the right mobile app for it.

    UX/UI designs can make or break your customer adoption. That is why we give you designs that can be monetized.

    Custom mobile app development

    Translate your great business ideas into a profitable mobile app through a customized mobile app solution. Zaigo developers are best in class mobile app developers who are highly efficient and experienced in their field.

    We create mobile apps to solve your customer’s problems and add more business value to get more profitable results for you.

    Native iOS mobile app development

    Mobile phones have made a significant impact on online businesses like none another. It has become essential for companies to build apps for the best user experience. Native apps are the best bet to develop distinctive apps with classy layouts and high functionality. Native mobile apps are highly preferable for better user experience and functionality leveraging the hardware feature of the device.

    Zaigo Infotech is a Native iOS application development company in Chennai, India, and the USA that provides quick and efficient solutions to your needs.

    Android Native mobile app development

    If you want to thrive in the digital world, it is high time you enter the mobile platform. With more than 300 million users globally, android is the fastest growing operating system for mobile phones. In this fast booming android app industry, Zaigo Infotech is a leading native android application development company in Chennai and USA that builds custom apps across diverse markets. Native android applications are created for use in the android platform. Android development platform helps in creating easy to use and customized applications. Moreover, android application development is compatible with different devices using the Android OS.

    Hybrid mobile app development

    Mobile phones run on various operating systems iOS and Android. Developing a common app for all these operating systems is cost-effective. Mobile application developers develop hybrid applications using web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JAVA, and then it can be compiled into mobile platforms using Frameworks like PhoneGap. The biggest plus about hybrid application development is that one code is the base for all platforms. 

    With years of experience and enormous knowledge gained, we at Zaigo Infotech, a hybrid mobile app development company in Chennai, India, and the USA, are experts in hybrid mobile application developments like Ionic app development, Phone Gap app development, and HTML5 hybrid app, etc.

    Progressive Web Application Development

    It is a web app that can deliver an app-like experience to the users. We develop progressive web apps that perform like native apps.

    Our Mobile application development process

    At Zaigo Infotech, our mobile app experts utilize a precisely cultivated mobile app process.

    Competitor analysis and market research

    As a first step, it's crucial to understand who will be the users of this app. What will be their behavior pattern? Then understand the potential competitors for this app, analyze their strategy, and do thorough market research about how this app will be received. Apps goals, objectives and tech stack preferences to be used will be the next pointers to discuss.

    Analysis and planning

    Once the initial research and strategy is done, a clear road map is done. Prioritizing the mobile app requirements, Database Architecturing and grouping them into delivery milestones. Planning in detail like weighing the option of a viable mobile product for the initial launch before an elaborate app development are also a part of this analysis and planning process.

    UI/UX Design

    Design is the first step to enhance your user experience and create attractive features and a polished look. A well-designed app is likely to rank well in search engines and also likely to yield more profit.

    The success of a mobile app depends on how well the users adopt and use the app. Hence app designing is crucial.

    App Development

    Either one has to use the mobile app development platform/mobile Baas provider. Otherwise, the developer will set up the existing storage solutions, databases, APIs, and servers for your app's backend.


    Though the development phase has microphase testing, after the complete app is ready, the mobile app is tested several times by asking a group of people from the client-side to test the features and functionalities thoroughly before it gets migrated to the respective app stores.

    Deployment and Support

    Zaigo experts are available 24/7 for continued support and maintenance after the app is deployed successfully. We have an option for AMC through which we extend complete support to you.

    Why choose Zaigo Infotech ?

    You should choose us for our reputation for developing top-notch quality apps. We develop apps pertaining to the personalized needs of our clients because customer satisfaction is our top priority. We use proven methodologies to develop the best feature-rich, flawless apps. Our team of Native and Hybrid app developers in Chennai and USA is experienced and entirely focused on the best results.

    Advantages of working with Zaigo Infotech

    • Competitive rates
    • Cost-effective and best quality app development
    • 100% transparent and communicative.
    • Experience delivering more than 50+ Mobile applications
    • Get the Large & Fast-Paced Projects done well.
    • Reliable Security and IP Protection
    • Quality Assured Solutions
    • Expertise in Varied Mobile Technologies

    Engagement Models

    Fixed Price Model:

    This is the most favorable model for a client. When you have a defined project scope, fixed budget limitations, and when you have a clear roadmap, vision, project requirements, and deadlines. The Fixed price engagement model is preferable. The cost of work agreed upon during the contract sign up does not change until the handover.

    Dedicated Team:

    When you have unclear scope and varying changes in the requirements, a dedicated team model will suit your need for the best. To perform high-quality, unique, and specific projects for which you lack professionals in your team, you can go for a dedicated offshore team without having to expand your core team on-site. This gives cost-effectiveness and diverse talent pool access for your projects. The dedicated developers will coordinate and cooperate with your core team members and work as an extension of your in-house team. However, this engagement model is ineffective if hired for short term projects.

    Time and Material Model:

    Just pay for the time and effort spent on your project development in this type of engagement model. This is a very convenient and relatively flexible model. Payment is made every month upfront for stipulated hours. The hours spent for the month can be scaled up based on the additional requirement on project needs. This model is preferable for businesses looking for a reliable team to outsource their technology needs for maintenance of their existing clients and require additional bandwidth for a part time resource.

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